Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today we reached a SUPER fun milestone during a quick shopping trip at Target. It was so incredible and I just wish someone was with us to experience the joyous moment! :) But hopefully I can convey how funny and exciting it was through words!

Max was in the shopping cart (in his car seat) chewing on one of his favorite toys. He picks up the toy and drops it. I pick it up, he drops it again. I pick it up again, he drops it again. He keeps doing this but he isn't really smiling about it...except when I start to laugh. So I'm thinking "ok, this has to be purposeful...but is he actually trying to play a game with me?" In the past week he has done this once or twice but never consistently, so this would be by far the first time we had an "interactive" exchange with toys. (Big milestone discussed in the special needs community!)

The game went on and on...dropping and picking it up at least 15 times. I tried putting it by his feet so he wouldn't drop it, but then he would kind of kick it off. By this point, I was laughing hysterically and Max was grinning away too! :)

It's freaking me out a bit (ok a lot) that it was on the floor that much, so we stock up on more of our favorite, kid-friendly Lysol spray and clean it off. As we head out of Target, I decide to give that toy and another favorite back to Max. And sure enough he immediately drops the one. Well as I go to pick up the one and hand it back to him, he tosses the other one. THIS HAPPENED FOUR TIMES!!! We are in the middle of about ten people and they are all chuckling. It was sooooo funny!!!

Mr. Max, I love that you are getting more and more of a personality. You're quite the character, and I fall more and more in love with you every day! Thank you for making me laugh so much was wonderful! :)


Moriah (zandysmom) said...

woohhoooooo!!! That's awesome! Mr Max is is making progress every day! That's just like Alex, he never stands still and we're so thrilled with that! I'm so happy for you & for Max!

PS: Come to my blog Amy, I just posted a bunch of pics from Alex's adventures in the pool and the yard during our heat wave. Come see what you're in for in a few years ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Monkey Boy!!

You are just getting ready for mom and you to play catch with each other aren't you? This is the first step kiddo..But I tell you what you do this with the Dog's and they'll bring the toy back to you. It's a great game called "FETCH"..From Mom's description you've got it mastered with Mom..You're so silly..

Ok Monkey Boy I'm off to work!!

elle said...

cooollll xxxxxx

Steph said...

What a great milestone! Yay Maxwell!!!!

I love to think about you and your Mommy playing such a fun game, and the smiles on your faces!

Ruthie said...

Way to go Max! That is awesome. Keep up the great work. Try not to work mom too much with your game. You'll have to come up with new ones to keep her on her toes!
Take care-