Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I returned in the middle of the night after a very long day and was missing Mr. Max like crazy! I was only in WV for 24 hours and got right back on the plane to head home to my man. He was sleeping when I arrived, but I rocked him for a while and it was wonderful. And this morning I got a VERY joyful "happy dance"...super, super cute! :)

So as I wait for Max's night nurse to arrive, I thought I should answer everyone's emails and phone calls about the hearing. Well unfortunately there is no news yet. We are still not finished. I know, I know...when in the world will this be over??? The good news is that I think as more and more information is provided in the hearing, the truth is becoming quite clear and that certainly is encouraging. But being silent during the hearing (his testimony) is quite difficult...there is so much to be said and yet we have to follow "procedure" and argue the case at the end. That is difficult, you want to "argue" the case all along instead of just gathering the facts. I was teasing my lawyer this week that perhaps he forgot that along with my honorary nursing degree this past year, I also received a legal degree. :)

Anyway, now we will just have to wait until we reconvene and then see what the judge decides later this year.


elle said...

LOL in a way you did all mums of us chargers r our own personal nurses lawyers watever else we need well all i hope is that ex daddy lol like that name is starting to see througth a charge peoples eyes what you mean xxxx

MarkCoyle said...

Hang in there Amy. the legal process is very very trying and long. I just wish your husband would do the right thing and settle. That would be the honorable thing to do given the circimstances involving Maxwell and his care.

Off Route 75 said...

Good luck. I hope everything works out in your favor!

ang said...

Amy as you know I have been through the courts for 12 years to get them to see what I saw then. It is a long and drawn out process. But through thorough documentation, and watching ex hang himself it was more than enough to show the judge I was speaking the truth. I commend you for continuing to have the patience. Continue to document all that you have and just wait..The rope is latched and sooner or later it will tighten.

Sara B said...

hey lady-
so glad you're back home...i'm so sorry that it's not all over. =( Can't wait to see the tooth on Saturday. Love you!