Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Mom wants me to play with these lentils as part of my "sensory" therapy. I was a little hesitant at first (they felt kind of funny!), but with a little encouragement, I was ok with it.

Hey if therapy involves getting my photo taken, I'm all for it. CHEESE!!!

Here I am at my big desk...she keeps putting things on there and I keep trying to take them off. I like a clean work space!

Honestly how ADORABLE am I? Mom was trying to deal with the insurance companies while I was playing in my exersaucer. As you can see, I kept distracting her with my cute smile!

It was WAY too hot! Yikes! The temp was record breaking and we don't have AC (not usually needed in the Pacific NW). Usually Mom can't let me be naked because I like to pull out my Gtube, but she had no choice this night!!!

Nothing like being hot and sweaty and getting tangled up in your cords! All night Mom has to keep untangling me. Sorry Mom, once I got the hang of this rolling thing, I can't stop...even when I am sleeping!


Mary Karr said...

Maxwell, I love the picture of you at your desk! You look so grown up. I can tell that you are deep in thought as to what to do next. Mommy does keep you busy. No child ever had a better mother. Keep doing your cute things so Mommy will continue sending pictures. I am anxious to see your tooth:-).

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Hey there kiddo,
I love the photos..You are soooooooooo goooooooooood lookin'. Love the pictures. Keep up the great work so mom keeps posting.

MarkCoyle said...

WOW, its any wonder you get any sleep at all Amy. You have to keep getting up, it seems. Some day, I hope you get a nice LONNNNNG vacation. You need it!

elle said...

i say it all the time but you cant get cuter

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Max,

I love that you play with beans too! Maybe someday soon we can play together and I can also check out your cool desk. I'm learning how to play with crayons and I'd be willing to share!

Have fun on Monday at your hearing appointment and tell your Mommy we said hello!

Love, Dylan (and Mommy too)

Lisa W. said...

This kid just gets cuter EVERY time I see new pictures of him.

Lisa W. said...
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