Monday, August 14, 2006


This morning Max had his playgroup and he did soooo good! He is getting more and more used to the group and his personality is shining through. Lots of smiles for everyone and a few Max attacks for me! His sign teacher thinks he is paying attention to our signs...who knows? But I love hearing praise on Mr. Max! And he participated again in snack time by sucking on a watermelon. He then bit off a chunk with his tooth and almost choked himself on it. Oops!

Then we tried him in the "sensory tub"...a baby pool filled with beans. He really liked it, which was VERY encouraging! A few of the kiddos got in with him and he tolerated everything really well. I worked with him on sitting a lot too and he is making wonderful progress!

So proud of my lil' man!!! :)


Anonymous said...

yeah!! Great Job Maxwell!!! Keep it up..You are doing awesome!! Just totally awesome (ok that was an 80's flashback)

Love ya kiddo

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

We had a great time at playgroup today too. I loved watching the Max attacks and it really does seem like he is paying attention to the songs! Hooray Max. And you failed to mention, that Max sat by himself for a few seconds while in the play pool!~ I was SOOOO excited to see that.

Amy, you are amazing and I'm so excited about his progress. Max is an amazing boy and I love that Dylan and I get to witness the special bond you have with him, your dedication, and his wonderful personality! See you in a few weeks when playgroup resumes.

Kristy and Dylan

elle said...

great one

Renee said...

I love checking the blog in the morning before work and getting such wonderful news. Max's determination keeps many of us going in this crazy world! Thanks for sharing his amazing progress and putting a kick in my day. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I hope the doctor's visit and tests give you guys some answers.
Much Love,