Tuesday, August 15, 2006


During Max's hospital stay last year, another parent (Carter's daddy) recommended this mobile. He said that his son enjoyed it immensely and maybe it would bring joy to Maxwell too. Boy did it ever! This mobile has been with us through thick and thin...and it has been absolutely amazing to see its involvement with Max's development.

I remember vividly when Max first started *noticing* at the mobile. At the time, we didn't know about Max's vision and his interest in the outside world, so we were all very excited! Then a few months later, we noticed Maxwell was watching the mobile go around and around. Wow, that was another milestone! When he came home months later, he made his first attempt to reach for the mobile. You can only imagine how happy I was that day! And in recent months, he has taken that up a few notches. He loves, loves, loves to grab the animals. However, with his newly developed strength, he now wants to pull himself up using the mobile. That has caused some problems and finally resulted in a "victim" last night. He was using the mobile as a pull up device and he came falling back down when it broke off. Opps! Sorry lil' animal!

What is soooo funny about this mobile is his addiction to it! It is the only toy he will cry about if you take it away from him. I will go to pick him up and he will NOT let go of the mobile. And if you pry it out of his hands, he gets pretty upset. He gets very excited to be picked up, but he simply wants to bring his animals with him.

My sweet, strong and beautiful Mighty Maxwell, I hate to tell you this but I think the time for the mobile to come down is approaching quickly...enjoy your final days together. :)

Doesn't seem too worried about it, does he?

There should be a chalk line around this poor lil' guy.


Cedie L Mock said...

You are so silly! The chalk line comment made me laugh so hard that I am sure Cedie is wondering if mom has lost it!

Cedie loves her mobile too. She laughs and smiles at it all the time. Recently, she has been "talking" (making cute noises) to it as well. When I put her in the bed, it is the first thing she looks for. She can't reach hers (that doesn't stop her from trying). I've often felt bad about that but now that I've read this post- maybe it is a good thing-hers will last longer :-)

Keeping Playing Max:-)

Love Cedie and Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Mr. Max..
You silly little monkey boy..

Mom we need to hang his monkeys from hooks and fishing line from the ceiling and walls.

Keep having fun..And don't hurt yourself kiddo..

love ya

Lori said...

So glad that you still have a GREAT sense of homor, Amy! And way to go on the "pulling up"
business, Mr. Maxwell! So proud of both of you....
lots of love--
the Mellos

Mary Karr said...

Hi Amy -

I, too, loved your chalk line around the victim comment. Maybe it is time for you to spend some "adult" time with Eliz:-)

You are exactly right - not only does Maxwell not seem upset, he actually looks pleased with his accomplishment.

His hair must be a joy to shampoo and watch dry into curls. Beautiful.

Love, Mary

elle said...

jsut to cute even trying to rip that apart jsut consider urself lucky he isnt climing onto stuff my little cous is shes bout 18 months and if we dotn look shell b on top of the tabvle she was at my party and she hoped on my friends walker surprsided she didnt go for the wheelchairs specialy the electric ones LOLO see wat yu have to look fwd to hahah