Wednesday, August 16, 2006


How can I even begin to describe how absolutely amazing today was??? Max decided to reach yet ANOTHER milestone. YES ANOTHER!!! He is on quite the roll these days! Soooooo exciting! :)

Well, I'll just let Max tell you about it. Take it away Max.

"Ba Ba Ba...Na Na Na...Da Da Da..."

Yep, that about sums it up. Mighty Maxwell, the boy with significant hearing loss, major delays and just about every medical issue, decided today that he would like to start babbling!!! Incredible, absolutely incredible!!! Once he started, he hasn't stopped! It is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! We have been working for so long with oral and speech therapy, and finally it clicked! WOW! WOW! WOW! :)

Some kiddos with CHARGE and/or those with significant hearing loss and other serious related sensory/facial palsy/delay/palate issues (all of which Maxwell has) are non-verbal. Often times, it just depends to what degree. This has been an incredible fear of mine...more than I can even admit truly to myself yet at this point.

I know that this babbling doesn't mean he will definitely talk one day, but it certainly is a step in the right direction! Sign language is going to be a major form of communication for Maxwell, but if he can talk along with signing...WOW, I will be thrilled! :)

Every family with a child with a significant hearing loss has to make a decision on what type of communication to pursue. There are many choices and every one feels quite strongly about their personal choice. Maxwell and I (we met over coffee a few months back and made our decision!) are pursuing verbal as our primary language with sign as our secondary. I am *hoping* we are able to meet this goal someday!

Right now I am just going to focus on the positive and praise God for giving me this HUGE sign of encouragement. We needed this, and I am going to cherish each and every "ba ba" Max throws my way! :)

We went over to Eliz's tonight to show off and Jackson was soooo funny about it! He was jumping up and down on the couch saying "Today is a special day because Max is talking AND sitting!!!" So cute that he catches on to our excitement! I love how he loves him.

And just as Jackson indicated...if the babbling news isn't exciting enough, Max is also making great progress with sitting! We are pushing hard to reach this milestone within the month! Can you believe it!?! All of a sudden, Maxwell constantly wants to try and sit. I will lay him down and he tries to crunch back up. It's so funny! He has spent the first 13 months on his back and he is ready for a change! :)

Ok I am just a little giddy as you can tell! :) PLUS I got Mighty Max some new clothes today to compliment his new big boy changes! What a wonderful day! Ok, I admit it started off crappy having to get back into divorce paperwork, travel arrangements for the hearing, etc., but wow, does Max know how to turn a day around or what!?!?! Yikes, he is good!

Soooooo I best run, it's now midnight...I started this post a few hours ago but Max's machines kept calling me! Need to head to bed and dream about what milestone is next!!! :)

Tomorrow we have speech therapy and while I always enjoy our therapy sessions, I am on pins and needles waiting to show this off to Max's therapist! I called her today and had her listen on our cell phone...she was very impressed with our lil' man! Plus she loves laughing at how excited I get! :)

* If you want to call and hear Maxwell's beautiful babbling, please do! :) If you haven't noticed, I am super excited and just a wee bit proud!


Renee said...

Your post has put tears of joy in my eyes and made this day extra special! I would love to hear little Max's voice. These moments are so precious Amy...enjoy your amazing son and have a great end to your week.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!!! What a MAJOR milestone! I am so excited that I am beside myself and I can't wait to share the news with Dylan, and Ray, and the new baby (hopefully today..), and all my friends, and my family, and...and...and..

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear and see this.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Max.


Mary Karr said...

Oh, Amy!!!!! What wonderful, wonderful news! Record every sound. I cannot wait to hear Maxwell. Jackson and Thomas are great teachers for Maxwell. He watches them and decides - me too.
So happy for you and Mighty Max. I can imagine Maxwell watching your excitement when he babbles.


Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on reaching so many awesome milestones! I so enjoy reading your blog and although I don't know you personally, I celebrate your joys and sympathize in your sadness.

Anonymous said...

oh amy and max,
thank you so much for sharing the news. it's wonderful..I really am so glad to read this-this morning. Keep it up Max..What a wonderful diary this is going to be for you!!

Ruthie said...

WOO HOO MAX!! That is awesome!! Way to go little guy! You are truly wonderful. Thank you for making mommy's day and all of our day fabulous with your new skills!
I love it!!
Take care-

alisen barlean said...

YEA MAX!!! that is absolutely awesome you guys! i am so happy to hear that things are going in a positive direction! i think about you guys a lot!
take care and give that cute boy some big hugs and kisses (i guess i don't need to ask you to do that now do i?!)

elle said...

what a huge step you r rigth in sayingthat deaf people dont talk i for didnt start till i was three and aparently thatis how i started so yay

rebecca said...

Amy and Max, I am jumping up and down with joy for you guys. I can't wait to pick up the phone and hear it for myself. Way to go Max, keep up the great work!!!!


Pearl said...

Yay, Max!!! You continue to amaze everyone. Keep the miracles coming! I wish your mommy could put a sound byte on your Web page. I bet your babbling is the only thing in the world that could possibly be cuter than your pictures!

Lori said...

WOW!!! I love it when I read the blog and get tears in my eyes-- and they're NOT tears of sadness! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amy for sharing Max's life with the rest of us. (You should publish this in book-form some day!) We're celebrating with you today. :)