Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yep, that's me! I'm sitting in a shopping cart, how cool is that??? (And seriously, could I be ANY more adorable? Look at that sweet grin of mine!)

I know for most parents this cart ride would not be a huge deal, but it certainly is for us! We are very, very, very excited! Such a big boy thing to do!

We were supposed to have a nurse this morning, but she didn't show up. No worries...I am feeling pretty good today. So Mom and I decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store. On the way in, she asked me if I wanted to try actually sitting in the cart. I said (with my eyes) "sure, let's give it a try!" So Mom quickly sanitized it all down and then I got in...and I did just great! WOW!

Ok, I'll be honest...I did have a little help. I used the bar the entire time for support and for a head rest. But I also looked around lots and enjoyed the view! And of course Mom kept her hand on me pretty much the whole time just to make sure I was ok. But overall, it was ALL me...MIGHTY MAX!!! I'm certainly living up to my name, don't you think? :)

We had pretty much the entire store rejoicing with us! I was looking around and smiling and Mom could not stop smiling either! She was sooooo proud of me! :) She thinks I am truly amazing!

And of course when Mom explained to others why we were so excited, they would be so happy and ask all about me. Mom didn't mind telling our story today because she was so thrilled to brag about me and my latest accomplishment!

Then on top of all this excitement, Mom got a free Starbucks...her favorite! :)

When we went to our car, the fun continued. Usually Mom doesn't go anywhere without her camera because you never know when I am going to do something fantastic. But she didn't have it with us today, but our cell phone was quite handy. We had a little photo shoot with the phone in the parking lot. And of course I got even more attention with that. I am developing quite the fan club in Bellingham!

What a super adventure today! You just never know when I am going to reach another exciting! YAY FOR ME! YAY FOR ME! YAY FOR ME! (Can you tell how excited Mom and I are about this?!?!)


carolyn said...

YAY FOR MIGHTY MAX !!! I don't think you can get any cuter. Yes, you can. Max, you are getting to be such a big boy. So glad you and mom can venture out and reach milestones.

Incredible Amy, thanks for sharing the pictures and your adventures.
Love & Prayers,

Mary Karr said...

Yay, Maxwell! I was so excited to see you sitting in the grocery cart that I cried. Then when I visualized Mommy Purelling the grocery cart I began to laugh. She is amazing too! I am so happy that Mom had her cell. I love the picture. Thanks for sharing.You are both beautiful inside and outside.

Love you,
"Auntie" Mary

Ruthie said...

OH MY WORD THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!! You are the king in making peoples day! Thank you for being so amazing! Congratulations!

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Are you kidding?!? Hip, Hip, Hooray Max!

Okay...I'm truly excited for you and I have to admit, I laughed at the vision of you purelling the cart like a madwoman. I can laugh because I'm the same way for Dylan.

Congratulations Max on this really, really big development! Mom deserved that Starbucks with all the work she and you have put in to make this happen!

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!

kate said...

So happy to see that BIG boy sitting up in the shopping cart!! Such a huge accomplishment, and you are looking so grown up, Max! Glad to hear you are feeling better, and I hope that your Mommy is doing well too!

Lisa Damrosch said... don't know me...but I am Alex's Auntie...and I remember when he first rode in a shopping cart too. I actually had tears of happiness in my eyes the minute I saw that darling photo of you. Keep it up Max...keep it up. Like Alex, you have a wonderful mommy...and the two of you together can do ANYTHING! You go go!

elle said...

to cute surprised no one decided to buy u but mummy wouldtn let them would she LOL

Mark and Jaye said...

Can this child GET any cuter???
Way to go Max!! What a BIG BOY!!!
You are a constant inspiration to so many and your mommy are awesome!!
Jaye Greene

Anonymous said...

congratulations little happy for you..such an cross this off your list and put a new goal up there. You go kiddo!!

Way to go Amy..You're an incredible mom.

Aimee said...

What a sweet, adorable, precious photo! Thanks for sharing. SO precious!

rebecca said...

Max, how cute can you be??? What a great way to start the day, a wonderful sight to see you seating in the cart. Wish I could of been there in person. Keep it up little man!

Steph said...

Woo-hoo Maxwell!!!!! Awesome accomplishment! When I opened up the blog today I was sooooooooooo excited to see that picture!

Great work to you and to your mommy!


anne said...

he is the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world.

kathryn biel said...

Congratulations on this latest milestone, plus the free Starbucks (I'm a Dunkin Donuts fan myself, but free coffee always makes it a good day). Max looks wonderful in the cart. It made me realize how much in life I take for granted. Just think--another way in which Mr. Mighty Max has been able to make an impact, even all the way to NY!!


Lisa W. said...

Seeing that picture of Max in the cart made me think about Kennedy's appointment with the plastic surgeon this morning (she sees him as part of the "cleft-palate" clinic appointment once a year). He always talks about things he "could do" if we were interested, one of them being taking a muscle from her thigh and putting it in her face on the right side to give it more movement, etc. My thoughts are I wouldn't change a thing, I LOVE THAT KENNEDY/CHARGE SMILE. If she gets older and wants to, I'll support her fully. Until then, I'll go on loving that face (and others like Max's) just the way it is. He is so adorable - don't ever change, Max!!!