Friday, September 01, 2006


I have never been so keenly aware of the precious cycle of life until Maxwell was born.

The number of early deaths among children that we have witnessed this past year is simply overwhelming. So many beautiful babies (and grown lil' boys like Timmy - I didn't forget you sweetheart!) only with us for a short period of time.

And then there are the children fighting the fight each and every day and attempting to beat the odds. Mighty Max still stumps me how he is alive (and trying to THRIVE) despite his medical "quirks." Man this kid has spunk!

I have an entire new appreciation for life and death and hopefully those around me have been changed by Maxwell and his special friends too.

Soooooooo (drum roll please!)...the wonderful news is that we have a new addition in this beautiful cycle of life!


She is a sweet lil' girl born to her wonderful parents, Bob & Tricia Hayes. Remember the courageous baby boy, Carter? He was one of the "three amigos" with Maxwell at Children's Hospital? He fought the good fight for many, many months but finally the Lord said "Hey kiddo, come on home. We miss you up here."

His parents were devastated of course...they absolutely adored this lil' man. A few months before Carter passed, Tricia and Bob found out they were pregnant. It was so exciting. They were building a family! It brought comfort to all of us knowing that if Carter did pass, there would be a lil' baby brother or sister to bring love to mommy and daddy. However, it was also terribly sad knowing that if Carter did pass, the two siblings would never know one another.

Baby Ava is now nine days old and doing great. Her mom has been extremely emotional of course...reliving all those terrifying moments with Carter. She said she didn't even sleep the first 3 or 4 days in fear that she would wake up and Ava would be gone too.

It is so wonderful seeing Bob and Tricia move forward with their life. Of course, Carter will never ever be forgotten, but to see the cycle of life continue is encouraging for everyone. And they certainly deserve this happiness and "normalcy" of life. They are wonderful people!

We became fast friends with them (and Lane's family - we miss you guys!) at Children's. You develop a special bond when you have endured such similiar and unique many people can truly understand what it is like to LIVE in a hospital with your very sick child for months on end?

We have kept in touch and they are always so supportive of me and Max. Yesterday Tricia said quite honestly (with no disrespect - she adores Max!), "Amy, I think you have it hardest of all of us. We may have lost our child, but your journey in many ways has only begun. You two have a lifetime of serious challenges and hurdles."

I appreciated that she recognized the difficulty in our situation. The struggles don't simply vanish just because the child lives. Sometimes for some children, death is the better option for whatever reason. Other children are chosen to live but must endure a much different life with handicaps, hurdles, etc. I am extremely grateful that Maxwell was chosen to live, but I am well aware it will not be easy. But I also know in my heart and soul that this lil' guy is here for a reason (think of all the people he has already touched!) and he still has A LOT to accomplish in this world.

And actually one such thing is a fun, messy bath this morning with his I better run. (I just heard him stirring and babbling in bed. He had an episode with a tomato last night so he definitely needs a good shampooing!)


Please pray for peace, health, joy and comfort for the Hayes family as they welcome this new precious addition to our cycle of life. Thank you everyone!

*About half my friends are expecting babies in the next few the cycle of life is definitely moving forward quickly!


Mary Karr said...


You are right - Maxwell has touched many lives! I love your little boy with all my heart. It is such a joy to see his accomplishments. The two of you are quite a pair:-)

I think about you when I read of other CHARGE families and things the dad has done with his child. My heart breaks. I pray God gives you strength.


carolyn said...


Maxwell has certainly touched my heart, and you as well. Max is truly a fighter and you are an incredible mother. What a team!!!

Mighty Max is making his accomplishments at his own speed and that is OK.

Love & Prayers,

elle said...

amy you r one of the many charge mums on the list that i look up to and admire being a charger myself i look at you and think well if some normal kids mum thinks they have it hard jus tlook at amy and max they have to go trhough much mroe than you LOL coz you do not many people have go through the daily routine of yo and max the oxygen the drs appts the medicines the therapies and so much more i admire you for it amy and i love you very much you biggest charge fan ellen

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We are very excited for you.

Welcome Ava~

Kristy, Ray, Dylan and Jonah