Sunday, August 27, 2006


Max had a little bit of a rough night again...several vomiting episodes. It's so strange that according to his tests, his Nissen (surgery to wrap the stomach around the esophagus) is still in place. It's supposed to prevent reflux (and therefore protect his lungs from aspiration) and allow some vomiting only if absolutely necessary. But apparently Max didn't hear the rules and manages to bypass his Nissen quite well. He is quite the spirited lil' boy!

This photo was after I cleaned up Max after one of his "episodes" and his hair quickly resembled Elvis. Not sure the photo really captures his crazy hairdo though! (Think about the funny date scene in "There's Something About Mary.")

His O2 needs were up again last night, but overall he seems to be feeling better. We are keeping up with his numerous inhalers which provide some relief to his tight lungs.

However, the other day I was thinking all was going great with Max. He was taking a nap and was having a few desats on room air but nothing requiring intervention. Then during an alarm silence, I was just watching him and admiring how adorable he is sleeping. Within a minute or so, I noticed that he didn't look all that good. And I thought about how many different "looks" Maxwell has. Sometimes he looks so healthy and "typical" and then other times he looks like he should still be in the ICU for a long term stay! Then I realize nope, he doesn't just not look right, he doesn't appear to be breathing. He quickly was turning the infamous pale, grayish blue and his sats were dropping significantly. It was crazy.

I picked him up and gave him a good shake and within minutes, his color was back to normal. Just another fun afternoon in the McKinley household!!!

We'll see what adventures are ahead of us today!


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

I hope Max is feeling better soon.

If you get a moment, I "tagged you." Check out my blog to see what I mean.


elle said...

xxxxxxxxxx hes one big miracle

carolyn said...

I hope Mr. Max is feeling better. Love the hairdo. Is that his thumb in his mouth? That's OK.
Love & Prayers,

Off Route 75 said...

Shew. Anybody who says that being a parent of a child with special needs isn't a job...should have their head examined!

Hope the little guy feels better now!

Steph said...

Yikes...that sounds REALLY scary! Hope today is a better day.

Give Max a hug and kiss from the pic!

michelle f said...

As always, the two of you are in my prayers. I hope that tonight is much, much better.

By the way, Max's Mommy Addiction sounds like another milestone to me - separation anxiety. He is realizing that you are not literally attached to him. Even when Max isn't feeling well, he is still reaching milestone.

By the way, I love the picture. The hair is great.


ang said...

Mr Maxwell,
Not nice to scare mommy like that..Do we have to change your name to CODEBLUE..Or CODERED..HA HA..Just kidding..You definately keep mommy on her toes. Tip toes that is. Love you and you and mommy remain in my prayers...