Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Through a CHARGE friend, I just learned of the documentary "little man." Has anyone seen this yet? Apparently it was running on Showtime for a while and it has earned numerous awards. It is about a little boy born 100 days early and weighing only one pound. I just bought the DVD and I am questioning "am I crazy?" Why in the world would I want to relive Max's six months in the hospital? I know it will bring back a lot of very painful memories, but perhaps it will be good therapy too. For the most part, I have tucked away those dreaded days and have never really dealt with their full impact.

I'll let you know. But for those of you who want to learn more, here's the website:

*Yes I know. Why in the world am I buying DVDs at nearly 3 in the morning? Max's Gtube came apart and he and his bed were completely drenched. So I just got him back to sleep and now I need to do the same. Night!


elle said...

wow how amazing my mum is liek u think she catn even watch hosptial stuff on the news LOL although on the news is ok for her cozits only a few mins or soemhting

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

You and I should have had a 3am talk since I was up to! Sorry to hear that you had a rough night.

Let me know how the video is. I'm pretty curious. Also, have you gotten the Signing Times videos yet? If so, what do you think?

Talk to you later. Hope you get in a nap.

Kristy (and Ray, Dylan, and Jonah)

Cedie L Mock said...
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Cedie L Mock said...

You are braver than me. Just watching the trailer made me cry and re-live some of Cedie's life threatening moments. Let me know if it helps. Maybe one day I can watch it too.

Hope Max's button is ok.

Jennifer & Cedie

Heatherona said...
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Heatherona said...

Hi Amy,
I have been reading about you an Max for quite sometime. Thank you! I actually own the DVD Little Man. I am a NICU nurse, so I am always interested in books/movies of parents and other's perspectives on their NICU experiences. The movie is beautiful, and yes it will make you cry. But actually when I saw it I thought of you wondering if you had heard of it, and thinking it might be something you would like to see. It is a very honest movie, which I think makes it so relatable for people who have spent anytime in the NICU or have a child with complex medical needs. So, hopefully the movie will be helpful to you. And thank you again for all that you share of yourself and beautiful Max, you two are an amazing duo!

Lisa W. said...

I want to get that movie as well - it looks amazing!