Monday, October 30, 2006


We all know how great Maxwell did in his television debut last year...but his "stardom" continues.

This weekend, Mighty Max and I were filmed for a feature to be used at church. (Our church is HUGE, so it's kind of weird to think of our story being seen by thousands. But we wanted to help...and this is what they wanted us to do.)

This will launch the second year of the "Christmas Blessings" project. The project helps embrace single parent families during the holiday season. Last year we were a recipient of a "blessing" upon Max's homecoming the week of Christmas. It was such an incredible, special gift to know that the church was embracing us with such love and support!

So basically that is what we talked about on camera and then there were clips of me and Max playing and loving.

Thank you Christ the King for being so wonderful! I hope Maxwell's story will help your effort! :)


CrystalandEva said...

Wow that is an awsome thing to do!!
You and Max are so wonderful and I wish there were more people out there just like the 2 of you.
You are a wonderful mother!!

Crystal and Eva

elle said...

cool soooooo cool wish i coudl c it lol

Dylan (and Kristy) said...


I'm very excited that the church has chosen to interview you regarding the Christmas Blessings. I know that sharing your story will certainly help others. Thank you.


Mary Karr said...


How wonderful. I am sure no one who hears about the trials of you and Maxwell will know of a child who has had more involvement from his mother and less involvement from his father than Maxwell has.

I am sure that many will be inspired by your story.