Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We had our appointment with the DDD nurse today. She is evaluating Maxwell's need for the Medically Intensive Program.

The meeting went really well. It's never easy to review all of Maxwell's medical conditions, but it did adequately illustrate how fragile and complicated his medical status is.

The nurse was supportive of our efforts and definitely in favor of us having home nursing. And actually she is going to fight for us to get more nursing! Wow, that would be so helpful! Our new DDD case worker joined us too and was really urging more support for us.

We are blessed to have such a caring team backing us up! I hope the nurse is able to make these extra hours happen. :)


Jaye said...

I'll keep you and Max in my prayers for all the nursing hours they can throw your way!

Anonymous said...

Oh I was praying this would go well. Let us know when the results come in.

elle said...

cool xxxxxxxxxx