Thursday, November 02, 2006


Maxwell has been unable to kick this cold and the past few nights have become increasingly difficult for him. Poor lil' guy. For the past hour he has been coughing so hard, which of course leads to gagging and vomiting. Oh how it pains to see your lil' one not feeling well, doesn't it?

We have been increasing his inhalers and I've been doing a lot of CPT tonight to loosen up the congestion. Thankfully we have a nurse later tonight, because it's definitely going to be a long night.

I am going to take him into the doctors tomorrow, and I have a feeling they will once again prescribe Prednisone (a steroid) to help him through this.


elle said...

oh gdt better soon pls

Cedie L Mock said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope the docs can make it all better! Good luck with this weekend.- (maybe good ol' dad can witness how serious just a common cold can be on little Maxwell.....)

Hang in there!

Love Jennifer and Cedie :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh man..Maxwell I hope that the dr. can prescribe something to make you feel a bit better and get the much needed rest you deserve.

Love you tons