Wednesday, October 11, 2006


For parents of a CHARGE child, there is a 1 - 2% chance of giving birth to another child with CHARGE. While it is supposedly a random gene mutation, there are families that have more than one child with CHARGE and therefore there is this slight chance of reoccurence.

Of course this is of concern if I should marry again (Yes, I know there will be quite the interview process by friends and family!!!) and want to have more children (I would love to give Maxwell a sister or brother!). Can you tell I am excited about one day having a real marriage and family for Maxwell...that would be so incredible! :) I want to surround my precious little boy with lots and lots of love.

The slight chance of reoccurence would not have stopped me from wanting more children, but there would have been a lot of worrying.

Anyway, I knew that statistically the chances would lessen since Max's father and I are no longer together...but I learned even better news yesterday.

Supposedly the gene mutation can only happen in the sperm. Therefore, *hopefully* this would not be an issue should I have more children in the future. I was pretty happy to learn this news.

But we (the CHARGE community) are still quite anxious to truly understand the cause of this mutation. Is there any impact from chemicals or the environment? Can we prevent our kiddos from having such difficulties? There are a lot of studies on the topic, but for now we do not know the answer. So all we can do is cherish our kiddos and help them reach their fullest potential. They truly are some of the most inspiring, cutest, amazing children I have ever met!

* I have a big smile on my face right now thinking that some day I could give Maxwell a sister or fun would that be??? He would be such a cute older brother...his first trick would be to teach them how to pose for the camera!

Ok, I know I have my hands full right now with Mighty Max, and marriage is not an option for a very long time, but still...a girl can dream, right??? But what worries me is how in the world could I love another child as much as I love Maxwell? My heart would burst! :)

Since I posted this, I have corresponded with several more experts in this wonderful, ever confusing world of genetics. Basically yes, the mutation is most likely (but not definitely) caused by a copy error in the father's sperm. However, there simply are no clear cut answers. It is amazing how many unknowns there are in this field of study! So overall the news is encouraging, but who knows???


Lori said...

Humanity needs more great optimists like you, Amy McKinley! And, I am praying for a "real family" for you and Max some day-- no matter how far out in the future it may be. If we cover it in prayer NOW, maybe it will be the greatest succcess EVER!
love to you both--

elle said...

if you marry again i want you to check the father out if hes anything like ur ex dotn want him to b maxes new daddy lol love u

Jaye said...

Don't forget yourself Miss Amy! While it would be wonderful to give 'MAX' a real family and surround him with love and siblings, YOU deserve the same thing. You deserve love..honesty and deserve a've done so much on your deserve a good solid family every bit as much as Max does!!!
ps..yes..we will all have a resume for any prospectives to fill out! hehehe

MarkCoyle said...

Yea get married again. You're quite a catch. Only a self absorbed dumb A like you know who wouldnt appreciate what a catch and a half you are, Amy.

Good luck!