Friday, October 13, 2006


We have family in town and we are having so much fun! My mommy's cousin, Kristen, lives in Alaska and her parents, Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim, live in Ohio. (And guess what? Grammy is coming this week!!! I am loving showing off to everyone...and so is Mommy!)

Not only are we loving spending time with them, but there is an added bonus: Kristen is a physical therapist who works with children with special needs! YAY FOR ME! And she helped me reach yet another milestone! (I know, I know...Mom says it's hard to keep track of me these days. I'm checking milestones off our list so quickly!)

Look at me on my knees! Woo hoo!!! :) This is huge! (I still need some help, but what progress! WOW!)

Hey Mommy, check me out!

Thanks Cousin Kristen for working with me! You're fabulous!

I think Uncle Jim is pretty impressed with me! :)

And of course I had to show my new walker to everyone! (Check out Mommy's silly face...we were doing my favorite sound "ooooohhhh" to each other.) That's Aunt Eliz in the background admiring me! :)


Mark and Jaye said...

You are right Max...we just can't keep up with you! Holey Moley you are just racing through the steps!! You look so wonderful standing up with your walker....pretty soon, Mommy won't be able to keep up with you either! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love Maxwell. Can you get any cuter? Is it possible? Does life get any better than this? You just keep knocking me over with this stuff.

carolyn said...

Max, keep the milestones coming and checking them off of your "to do list". Your fan club can't get enough of you.

Mommy won't be able to leave you for one minute when you get the walker going.

Amy and Max, enjoy your family while they are there to visit. All eyes are on Max.

Love & Prayers,

Ruthie said...

Absolutely amazing. Doing so great with that walker and looking utterly adorable while doing it. I'm so glad that you have family with you for a while. You both look so happy. And I must say that Eliz's face looked so proud while looking at you. What a great sister.

Kirstin said...

He looks great with the walker..I'm not surprised on how well he is doing..He is YOUR son!!! Love to you both..

elle said...

to cute xxxxxxxxxxxx