Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I know that is a weird title for this blog, isn't it? What does Jerry Springer have to do with Maxwell and CHARGE Syndrome?

Well, Springer was recently on Access Hollywood with his daughter. And some fellow CHARGE families think she may be a CHARGEr! Some of her issues (born with choanal atresia, deaf in one ear and legally blind) are very similar to those of CHARGE.

If you want to watch this extremely inspiring video, visit: Then click on "Jerry and Katie's dance" in the sidebar.

The thought of Maxwell getting married one day and having a job is sooooooooooo absolutely thrilling. I know this is just one person and there is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE spectrum within the disorder. And I also know that we don't even know if she has CHARGE! (We are getting way ahead of ourselves!) But regardless of all of that, this is a VERY encouraging story! Enjoy! :)


RebeccaA said...


Thanks for posting this on your blog. It was great to watch the interview. Interesting.

Cameron and Nathan's mom

elle said...

wow its amazing i catn think of any other charge celebreties or with other disabiliteis for that matter though think there is a paraplegic minister out here LOL

MarkCoyle said...

I can think of a great segment for Jerry Springer. I think you know who I am talking about too haha

Diane said...

My opinion, I think Maxwell can do anything he puts his little mind to. I look for him to do wonders, you wait and see. Mighty Max is going to show us all up.

By the way Amy, I knew one of Vic's ex-wifes. She was a twin also, so you might know which one I am talking about. My husband grew up with her mother. My husband died last year, so Max is really helping me in so many ways to cope. I am left behind with a 13 year old who desperately misses her dad. She was the love of his life. He died of a massive heart attack one day before our anniversay. It has been hard for both of us, so we all have our problems, don't we?

We love you Mighty Max. Thanks for making our days so much brighter. Keep surprising your mommy on the many things you have learned. Our prayers are with you and your mom.

Diane and Alex (without her daddy, too)