Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tuesday was the annual Children's Hospital "Festival of Trees" celebration at the fancy Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle. Wow, what a night! They had 25 uniquely decorated, absolutely gorgeous Christmas trees, and each one honors a courageous patient of the hospital. Several months ago we learned that I would be honored, and of course Mommy and I were thrilled. It was so exciting to see it all when we arrived. :)

We met many other wonderful families and learned about their challenging journeys. So many sad, yet incredibly inspiring was quite emotional. Many people stopped to ask Mommy about my story. She always is proud to report how much progress I have made!

These trees are part of an annual fundraiser for the hospital - each tree is expected to sell for $10,000. (My friend Dylan's tree sold first...way to go Dylan!) For more information on the fundraiser and to see the incredible trees, visit

Check out #19 (my tree). It's named "Alabaster Angels -- Iridescent white and silver ornaments and elegant white angels decorate this glitzy tree."

Mommy and I waving hello to my fan club. That's my tree behind me! Isn't it beautiful? :)

Here's an even better view of my tree.

Oh and notice my wave? That is definitely my favorite trick these days! :)

Each tree had a photo and story of the special child being honored.

Might not be in the mood to smile, but I am still darn cute.

Mommy's absolute favorite tree! :)

Titled "Man's Best Friend," it was covered with adorable doggy items. She loved, loved, loved it!

Me and Mommy in front of the "Grand Tree"

And last but not least, I finally got to meet the famous Mr. Phil Smart. Mommy has told me all about him and she was excited to introduce us to one another.

Phil Smart is an incredibly important and special man at the hospital. For decades, he has been a regular volunteer (first male volunteer there ever!) and fundraising advocate for us special kiddos and our "Miracle House." His book and video have truly inspired Mommy and got her through a very difficult time in the hospital.

We are checking each other out and deciding who the more amazing man is...him or me? hee hee!


elle said...

i took a look i love those trees amy if you could post the best stories up here id liek to read them the most inspirational ones i love u both xxx amazing pics to and your actualy standing wow ay

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and Mr. Smart is great..I met him about 20 years ago.Very nice man.

Happy Thanksgiving. Much love to you

carolyn said...

Max, Your tree is BEAUTIFUL, and two BEAUTIFUL people in front of it.

Anonymous said...

what an honor, way to go Max!

Anonymous said...

Max! You are beautiful! Love your tree. Happy Thanksgiving!
Shannon and Carey, Austin

CrystalandEva said...

Reading that brought tears to my eyes I think it is so amazing!!! I love your plac and I love the picture of you on it!!You are such an amaxing little guy and we love you even tho we haven't meet yet. I hope we get to this summer at the confernce right now its up in the air for us.