Monday, November 20, 2006


Tomorrow (11/21) is a special year since Maxwell's open heart surgery to repair his Tetralogy of Fallot (serious heart defect including ASD and VSD).

This surgery saved his life and transformed Maxwell into a MUCH stronger, healthier baby. Before the surgery, Max's body was really struggling with nearly every issue...from breathing in the 100s ALL the time to heartrates in the 200s. He was expected to require a trachestomy and was dealing with serious neurological "twits." Afterwards, he was an entirely different lil' man. It was incredible, absolutely incredible.

I remember feeling such a sense of peace going into that surgery. I just knew it was going to be successful. Perhaps I was calm because he had already endured so many surgeries or perhaps I was in denial. But I truly think my mommy instinct told me everything would be ok. His cardiac team was so impressed with him...they said they wished all their cardiac kiddos recovered as well as he did! :)

Here's a link to that post...pretty amazing change, isn't it???


Diane said...

Lord have mercy Amy, I couldn't stand looking at Max with all those tubes. I cried. What haven't you been through. Love your heart and Max's, too.

Maxwell, no wonder you are called MIGHTY MAX. What a boy you are. Have a good Thanksgiving little guy. Alex and I love you.

Diane and Alex

Anonymous said...

You've come along way baby!!

And it's not too long from now when you came home to Bellingham.

Keep going the distance and God be with you both.

Prayers and Love

MarkCoyle said...

Hooray Amy!!

CrystalandEva said...

Its pretty amazing what a year can do!!! Happy 1 year MAX!!!
Crystal and Eva

Heather said...

That photo of Max and the wires stayed on my fridge through the holidays as a reminder of the wonders of life and miracles of the human spirit, especially at this time of year! Now, it's just a picture of a chubby, curly haired charmer!

elle said...

wow he has come a long way and so have you just bein gthere and learning bout charge and all this stuff your much different ur the same as all mums like you love you hepas ellen xxxx

kathryn biel said...

It has been such a long, hard road for the both of you. I cannot believe the difference in Max--I started reading the blog last Christmas, so he was already on the mend. You must feel so proud of what you and that wonderful little man have accomplished. Keep going and plugging on!

Happy Thanksgiving!