Friday, November 10, 2006


After I learned to sit independently, it was quickly on to my next goal...the transition from laying down to sitting and vice versa. This takes a lot of work! MEGA coordination and strength required!

My physical therapist was great at teaching mommy different ways to get this to happen. At first I really objected and was definitely not happy about all of this additional work. But my PT is wonderful at always pushing me to do more, more, more!

So for the past month or two, Mom and I have been really working at this. A few weeks ago I started to do it every once in a while (very exciting!), but there was no consistency.

But as of a few days ago, I do this A LOT! I cannot tell you how amazing and wonderful it is to be able to get in and out of the sitting position! This new achievement gives me such freedom!!! Mommy and I just love it! WOW! WOW! WOW!

And I always get lots and lots of praise for it. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the excitement that when I do my happy dance, I fall back down! :) But the super cool part now is that I can get myself back up again! :) YAY FOR ME!

Mommy has tried to capture this on film, but the camera distracts me everytime (as evidenced below). I was just about to sit but as soon as I saw the camera, I immediately lost interest in that and scooted over to Mommy instead!

There are more Mighty Max milestones on the way...stay tuned! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Max,
Mommy needs to talk to those monkey's into holding the camera and video taping you while mommmy coaches you in rolling over to sit up. Keep up the great work slugger.

Love you
Can't want to see you on camera MAX-A-MILLION!!!

RebeccaA said...

Way to go Max! And way to go Amy! Behind every great child, is a supportive and loving mommy!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

elle said...


Ruthie said...

Woo Hoo Max! Way to go buddy! Keep it up. We all can't wait till the next accomplishment!
Take care!