Thursday, November 09, 2006


My friend, Ben, is having cochlear implant surgery on Friday the 10th (tomorrow), as well as having his nose stents removed from his choanal atresia (blocked nasal passages) repair. Man, he is going to be sooooo happy when those stents come out...I know I was! Imagine a straw in each of your nasal passages, yuck!

We have a lot in common with Ben's family and our mommies have become fast friends via the phone and internet. We both arrived within a month of each other...we were both born two months early...we both had choanal atresia...both of our mommies are named Amy...both enjoy scrapbooking...and they are both wonderful (ok Mommy made me write that last part...hee hee!!!)

Plese pray that my buddy's surgery goes well and his recovery is quick. Thanks everyone.

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