Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Mr. Max gets cuter and cuter and funnier and funnier EVERY day! :)

Remember his trick about lifting his arm to tell me to turn the lights on and off and do the funny sounds (think ambulance lights and sirens)?

Well, if that wasn't cute enough...he has one up'd himself! Now he not only does this at home, but he does it EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere! The grocery store, Eliz's scrapbooking store, the doctor's office, therapy appointments...everywhere. As soon as we enter a place (which will soon be limited due to cold/flu/RSV season), he immediately wants to play our light game.

My absolute favorite is when we are outside. When I take him out of the car, he immediately looks up and lifts his arm. Yea Max, I'll get right on that..."God, do you mind turning your sun on and off for my lil' guy? He's really special and this is his first real game."

It is soooo funny and really, really cute! I am trying to turn this into a waving "HI" gesture but we'll see. For now, he makes me laugh all the time with this new game! :) How can one lil' kiddo be so darn amazing???

Speaking of the amazing lil' man, he's all mine tonight (no nurse) so I best try and get some ZZZ's before he needs his meds, tube change, etc. Tomorrow I will tell you all about his talking and crawling...BIG progress!


Pearl said...

Love to read about all your new tricks, Mr. Max. I wish mommy could put video and audio online, so we could see you in action and hear all your new "talking"!

Anonymous said...

Oh Max,
I love it!! I just love it!!!
Keep improving..Keep striving..keep moving!!

CrystalandEva said...

You are super cute Max!!

Crystal and Eva

elle said...

LOL god make it cloudy and raining for max lol

Ruthie said...

You know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He has a pretty cute and funny mommy to learn from!