Saturday, December 02, 2006


Still not feeling very well...I am quite the sad and grumpy little boy today.

Mommy *tried* to entertain me with lots of funny games but nothing seemed to do the trick for very long. Tonight she tried on this Purell hat and I must admit, it was pretty funny. I even gave her a little smile.

She thought I might like to wear the Purell hat too.

Nope, I thought it was much better on her head.

C'mon Mom, give a sick kiddo a break. Nice try, but no more Purell hats today, ok?

*If you haven't tried the Purell wipes, they are absolutely handy. We go through them like crazy!


CrystalandEva said...

AAWWW Poor little Max I hope he is feeling better soon. He looks so sad!!!
By the way did he get anything special in the mail recently?? ;)

carolyn said...

Oh Max, hope you are feeling better. You can tell by your eyes that you don't feel good.

Amy, you are Incredible with Max.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

haven't tried the wipes..guess I'll have to. Maxwell feel better.

Mary Karr said...

Precious Maxwell, hope you feel better soon. Even though those huge eyes reflect that you do not feel well there is still a twinkle there when you are looking at Mommy. I am so glad Purell now comes in wipes. Mommy would soon have gotten carpel tunnel from all the pumping she did on those Purell bottles.

Kitty used to accuse me of trying to catch dust before it landed. Your mommy tries to get germs before they land. She is truly wonderful.

Love you two -
"Auntie" Mary

Diane said...

Oh, poor baby, you look so sick. Please get better real soon. We miss that precious little smile.

Diane and Alex

Ruthie said...

Poor little guy. I am so sorry you still aren't feeling well. You need to get better soon! You have too many important things to get done- like chasing the dogs, hiding under you bed, crawling to mommy!
Feel better soon-
Take care-

elle said...

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