Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Max and I enjoyed our first dance together this afternoon...it was wonderful! You see, before when he had his stents and his blowby mask, movement was fairly limited. But now we can move a good 4-5 feet...just enough for some moving and grooving! I held him in front of me in my arms and he just stared right at me and really seemed to be enjoying himself. :) I laughed out loud and also cried...it was truly an amazing time for us. I know for some parents dancing with your baby seems minor, but this is a huge step for us for what we have gone through these past three months.

The other fun news is that Max has been on and off room air throughout the day. Right now his sat (oxygen saturation) is 95%! Wow Max...very impressive! All day I have been coming out to the cluster (where the nurses and doctors are) and bragging..."Hey come check out Max, he's satting 97% on room air!!! Come see, come see!" Plus many of them had the opportunity to hear me sing to Max while we danced...everyone got a big kick out of that too. We like to make up songs together...ok, I make them up but Max is always the star of the songs so it's a team effort! And now that I officially know that Max has a hearing loss, I sing louder for him, which allows the nurses to all hear my funny songs. Kind of embarrassing, but oh well! :)

Please continue to pray for no complications with Max's nose. But also, please keep sweet little Timothy, a precious 5 year old fighting terminal cancer, and Lane, a tiny little guy who is having a very important surgery on Wednesday in your prayers...their families are both amazing and would love your loving support during this difficult time. Thank you!

P.S. I was telling a nurse yesterday about the hundreds of people who have contacted me via email, phone or mail with prayers for Maxwell. It truly is amazing. She said she recently read about a scientific study of two sets of heart patients...one had lots of people praying for them, the other did not. And what do you think happened? Sure enough, the "prayed for" group recovered much more quickly than the other group. I'm sure there are several other similar examples, but it just reminded me of the tremendous power of prayer...especially when lots and lots of loving people are all praying for the same thing!


Kathy Johnson said...

Hi Amy and Max,
Your post made tears come to my eyes. I am so happy for you. Max is so lucky to have a loving Mother like yourself. I will continue to request prayer at my Church for both of you. Your always in are thoughts and

Anara said...

Where to start!! I'm loving the dancing and singing, that is really a lot of fun, it was one of my favorite things to do with Vince when he was a baby, I am so proud of Max, he is truely fighting the big fight and winning, I can just see you jumping up and down and telling the nurses to come see Max. I also believe that prayer is our direct line to Heavenly Father and he does listen to us. You keep up the good work and we will keep up the prayers.... give our little guy a hug and kiss from Auntie Anara. I love you two.

rebecca said...

What a great time the two of you must have had. Dancing and singing without a care in the world. I know I have said this a million times but you are such an inspiration to me Amy, you make me a better mother. God has given Max the best gift in the world, a mommy like you. Keep up the great work Max!!!!


Drew said...


It so great to see these good news posts. Congratulations on your first dance! That's really sweet. It must be so terrific to be able to move around with him now.


ya gotta keep getting better because it makes your Mom so happy with each new step (of course, it makes all of us very happy too!). Keep it up, buddy.

As always, you're in my thoughts.


Jean Cummings said...
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Jean Cummings said...

Amy and Max:
As I read your latest update I could see you two dancing! I have little max's picture in the living room on display so we can always say a prayer just at a glance. Life is too busy, but this is important to remember...
Keep on dancing Amy, I know this means you are happy.
Love Jean and Gary, West Virginia

Sarah said...

Hi Amy,
I've been keeping posted on Max through these great entries and of course from Jim and Elizabeth. This most recent post with the two of you dancing just makes my heart soar for you two and brought tears to my eyes. Max has been truly blessed to have a mother like you - keep those songs coming!!
Take care,
Sarah Warren

Steph said...

Hey Amy and Max!

So thrilled for you...sounds like Max is making some great strides. He certainly has his mama's strength!

When you get a chance, can you post some recent pics? I really, really want to see how much he's grown! (Maybe a pic of you two dancing some more? Love that image...)

Love you guys,

alisen barlean said...

I am so happy for both of you! What an intense and unbelievable journey you two have been on...you both amaze me every day! Amy, I feel like I have gotten to know you so well through your blog and from Elizabeth, you are truly an incredible person and mother. I pray for you two every day...and now for all of Max's little friends. I send you all my love,

Madeline said...


All I can say, is that you truly are an amazing human being. I have been a "mommy" now for almost 4 1/2 years, there is no other love like the love you have for your child, as you are experiencing now. I think tomorrow morning, I'm going to dance with my children---just for you and Max!

My love and prayers are with you both.

Maddy, (Steph & Drew's Cousin)

Sara B said...

Wow, Mr. Max...you've had quite the week! Keep it up, Buddy! Jackson, Julia, Jonathan, and I are all going to dance today in your honor! Love you both GOBS!

Sara and the 3 J's

Meredith said...

So terrific to read about the dancing! Davey was excited to hear that his little cousin might like to boogie as much as he does! He's looking forward to showing Maxi-Max some fresh moves.

Keep up the good work, Max! We love you --

Aunt Meredith and Davey