Saturday, September 24, 2005


Good news on the nose today! It does not appear that the passages have closed any further from yesterday. HOPEFULLY the initial narrowing was just a bit of scar tissue (which is to be expected), and Max will not require any further procedures or surgeries on his nose. They will continue to check it daily to monitor any changes. Please keep praying for Max's important to his recovery!

His nose is sooo cute without those stents...and wow, the ability to move around without the oxygen mask is wonderful! I told the ENT doc today that if Max's nose would be perfect from now on, he would forever be my best friend! He laughed and said that I would certainly miss my 7 am wake up calls! The ENT team always does early usually I wake up with their arrival!


Anara said...

WOW!!!!! That's fantastic! I'm so happy for Max, I just feel he is past the bad stuff with his nose.

He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen....but then his Mommy is a beauty too.

This new news has made my weekend!
Give Max a BIG hug and kiss from his Antie Anara. I love you two.

Love the pictures, thanks for the new ones.

Steph said...

Hey Amy -- so relieved to hear that Max's nose is doing well...what great news! Thinking of you both and sending lots and lots and lots of love your way...

xoxo Steph

Drew said...

Terrific news!!!