Thursday, September 22, 2005


Today Max is three months old (one month old "corrected age")!

We will try to temporarily forget the frustrating news yesterday and focus on celebrating and enjoying Max's wonderful presence and enormous spirit! He is quite an amazing gift...and he is certainly here to teach us all valuable lessons on faith, patience, love and hope.

Perhaps we will even have a dance or two to commemorate the special day. :) By the way, it was so fun to hear that so many of you said you had a dance with your kids in Max's honor after reading the "dancing" blog sweet!

Happy Birthday Maxwell Bennett are certainly one LOVED little guy!!! (Isn't his name so incredibly powerful? I love saying it all together.)

And Happy "2 month" Birthday to Max's cousin "Thomas the Tank"!!! You are such a cutie and I love your new adorable noises...besides the bodily function ones! hee hee!!!


Drew said...

Happy Birthday Max!!!


Sean and Renee said...

I just got caught up this morning on your week (I was gone for work all week) and I it sounds like you guys had a some very special moments as well as challenges. You both will be in my prayers extra now and I know God will help you both heal and grow in the coming months. I can't believe Max is 3 months old already. I hope you guys have many beautiful dances today while singing lots of fun made up songs!! Made up silly songs are the only ones sang in the Hart household! Talk to you soon.

Steph said...

Happy 3 months Maxwell!!!

Love you!