Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well, it looks like Max might be getting sick...again! Can you believe it? Nor can I, darnit. His respiratory rate and heart rate started to increase over the weekend, and his oxygen needs increased today too. This usually means something is brewing. So back to the doctor's again tomorrow. He has been living on prednisone for months now (on and off) and we don't want to have to resort to that again. Steroids are not a very healthy long term hopefully we can come up with something else to help.

Even his four year old cousin Jackson noticed his labored breathing. And so today when Jackson was giving a review of Max's recent milestones (it was absolutely adorable!), he included "learn how to breathe" as a future goal. How smart and wonderful is he??? I just love my nephews and love how much they love Maxwell! :)

At least we were able to fit in two days of fun activity while we could! On Friday we enjoyed a day at the local fair. Some of our neighbors were showing their we joined them for a lil' adventure!

Max enjoyed meeting a horse for the very first time. I warned him that the horse would probably not enjoy a "Max Attack!" :)

Cousin Jackson giving Mighty Max some loving!

Max was exhausted by mid we headed home.


ang said...

oh how sweet. I love the pictures..Did Max do the happy dance after playing with the horse?
Thanks for the picts Amy

RNP said...

Wonderful photos, looks like Max had an amazing adventure.

Mary Karr said...

So sorry that Maxwell is having breathing problems. I am amazed that he had no fear of the horse. Guess he is aware that if Mom is there he is safe.

Maxwell is growing so fast! I see changes each time you send pictures. The napping picture is so cute. It reflects a day well spent - a son content. He looks like he never had a sick day.

Ruthie said...

Too cute! I love how you guys get out and take these wonderful adventures! That is so awesome for you to get out and have some fun! What a wonderful mommy!
Take care-

carolyn said...

Great pics. Max sure looks like he is enjoying himself.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you two got to have such a fun adventure. Hopefully, this new illness will pass quickly so you can go explore even more!

elle said...

LOL god one