Saturday, August 26, 2006


Have you seen that commercial for the Sharpie pens? The mom tries to put the baby down and as soon as his feet touch the floor, he begins to cry.

That's my new life apparently! Max has developed a bit of an addiction to his mommy! While I love that he loves me (because I am equally addicted to him), it's a bit difficult at times with his medical equipment to carry him around everywhere. And even without the equipment, it is difficult to do anything while holding a near 18 pound (yep, you read that right...he is now weighing in at 17 pounds, 13 ounces!!!) kiddo with low muscle tone. You can't just balance him on your hip in the traditional "mom pose." He has to be supported and occasionally he likes to flip backwards so you have to be prepared at all times to catch him! And unfortunately, he just hasn't learned the concept of holding on...hopefully that will come someday???

Silly Max! Today was absolutely ridiculous. I literally would leave his sight for a second and he immediately would begin to whimper. As soon as he would see me again, he would smile and do a happy dance! For example, I was trying to dry my hair and so I put his exersaucer in my room...just a few feet from where I was in the bathroom. He quickly let me know that "nope, this still isn't close enough." I had to lay him on the floor at my feet, and then all was well.

Fortunately he has finally decided to accept being in the Bjorn. This makes some activity possible and he absolutely LOVES to be all snuggled in together. Too funny! I absolutely love this too!

Curious to see how long this "mommy addiction" lasts...hopefully it is just a phase?


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Funny thing...Dylan is going through the same thing. We'll have to swap stories when we talk next. But doesn't it feel good to be so loved? I'm glad to hear that Max celebrates with his happy dance when he sees you. How rewarding.

Kristy, Ray, Dylan, and Jonah

elle said...

im always having a mummy adiction and im 21 and im addicted to my firends to sevs boobs and hands r the best LOL well she is my best firend so u can guess she gets a friend adiction of me heheehhe

Cedie L Mock said...

Must be the age because Cedie has come down with that addiction too

Enjoy it while it last. Dylan, my 5 year old, has taught me that lesson. The day will come when he is to busy to want mommy to hold him all the time.

Sandy Moles said...

This is soooo weird, I have been on vacation for two weeks, I came back to work Monday, I come in this morning which is Thurs and when I start up my computer there are pictures of Mr Mighy Max all over it, looks like maybe grandma is holding him. I have been so busy I have not been able to get on his sight for about a month. Apparently this little guy noticed and decided to set me straight. He is beautiful. Thought you might like to know the Curves in Pinch really got flooded last night. Thought you might like a laugh today.