Sunday, August 20, 2006


Below are some photos of me sporting a few fun gifts from some terrific friends. Thanks everyone!

* And a special thank you to Pam for the dinners for mommy...I don't have a photo but just imagine a big smile on mom's face! Thanks again! Sooo thoughtful of you! :)

This super cute outfit is from one of my favorite WV friends, Mary Karr! I call her Auntie Mary and I love her! The very first time I met her I felt so comfortable that I fell asleep! You are wonderful...thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

If I wasn't tough enough before...check out my new Harley Davidson bib!!! My friend Carolyn has been amazingly supportive to me and Mom! We didn't know her before all of this, but my spirit grabbed her and now she is hooked! She went to high school with my grandpa...there sure are a lot of nice people in Wheeling, WV!

This fun "Maxwell" chair was from Drew & Steph...we love it!!! (Mom promises she'll get a better photo soon so you can see how cute this chair is!) Thanks again guys! We miss you!

I am now officially in my big boy car seat...WOW! Thanks Mom, I feel so grown up! She was pretty nervous about switching me over, but the time has come. Thanks Uncle Jim for helping!

And one of my VERY favorite gifts in the whole wide world is my precious time with "the girls," aka Hannah, Alison and Sarah (pictured here) and their mommy, Lori. They are sooooo good to me and my mom. They absolutely adore me (which mom loves!!!), they are super nice and fun (which mom loves!!!), and they always feed her delicious food (which mom loves!!!) hee hee!

Speaking of the Byerlins, they are having us over tonight so I best run! Mom will get her favorite brownies and I will get lots and lots of can't ask for anything more right? :)


ang said...

oh maxwell,
thank you so much for sharing the photos, and thank your mommy for posting them. You are getting to be such a big boy. You are both incredible.

Rixmanns said...

wow! doesn't he look so strong and gorgeous. Thanks for the new pics, Amy.
we love you guys,

elle said...

jsut to cute for words now hmmm i might have to have some choc with that din amy i am starting to eat a bit now lol i acutlay had a ppice of chicken and i mean a piece liek about the size of a finger

Mary Karr said...

Maxwell, Thank Mommy for posting the picture of you in your blue and gold. You wear it proud the way you are sitting there unassisted. You are amazing! Have Mommy let you wear it on September 2nd when you watch the game. Be sure to look for me. I will have on blue and gold just like you:-)

Love, "Auntie" Mary

Ruthie said...

Wonderful pictures! Max you look fantastic. No more getting sick. You are way too cute for that!
Take care-