Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today we had an appointment with our sign language teacher Meril, and we continued our work on basic communication skills.

Along with some signs, we worked with Maxwell on taking toys out of a box. Sure enough he did it! (Not the sign, but the taking toys out of a box.) He has been able to do this for the past week or so, but today the therapist said we could officially "mark" it on his goal sheet! YAY! I love checking things off of a list! The next goal is to learn how to put them back in! Right now he just loves taking things out, throwing them, and watching me retrieve them! This actually is a great game for learning the signs "more" and "where is it?". We did that a gazillion times today and I think Mighty Max got quite the kick out of it! :)

She even recommended I get some new "cause and effect" toys that require higher learning because she thinks Max is making some good progress! That was exciting to hear! :) Way to go Mr. Max!!!

He was being soooo funny in our session with this toy box...he would practically put his entire head in the box looking for another toy. I was laughing and laughing and then Max would lose his focus and smile at me! :)


Drew said...

Way to go Mighty Max!! You keep on knockin' down those milestones!!


Mary Karr said...

Oh, Amy, I am so happy for you and Maxwell! I know that when Maxwell has a good day, you have a good day. I know his milestones will never lack positive reinforcement from you. He is totally amazing and the most beautiful child ever.


Mark and Jaye said...

When Max learns how to 'put his toys away' could you get him to teach my kids?! hehe..
Way to go Max!

ang said...

He was cleaning out the toybox to go for a ride in it like he does the laundry basket mom..LOL


kathryn biel said...

Great job Max! He looks great in the Bumbo--so much better trunk and head control. As for putting the toys back in the box--good luck. I'm still working on that with my 2 1/2 year old and my 38 year old husband!! (although the 2 1/2 year old has it down a little better). Love all the pictures.


Steph said...

I LOVE hearing about Maxwell's milestones! Just thinking of how much fun you guys had with this activity brings a big smile to my face...

And he really is soooo delicious!


elle said...

yum yum again