Friday, August 11, 2006


Mom has been been buying me all kinds of different seat gadgets to see what would help with my bathtime...and it has been quite a challenge! I am too big for my baby bath, but not yet ("YET" is the key word!!!) strong enough for a big boy bath. I'm an "in between" kind of kiddo! :)

Last week we tried this new seat and it didn't work, but today we had some success. Ok, I must admit it still wasn't perfect (I was working so hard that my breathing sounded like I just finished a marathon!) but it was HUGE progress! I even managed to sit independently for several seconds at a time and then would lean on the protective device around me. It was soooo exciting for me and Mommy!!! And are these photos adorable or what??? :)

You are so silly Mommy. :) Did you really need to bring the camera to our bath?

My head is a little heavy. I'll just rest it here for a bit and study the water.

Hey look what I found!

Not only does this ducky change colors, but it is chewable! Love it! :)


Off Route 75 said...

That's an awesome little seat for the bathtub....for some reason I never thought of getting something like that for our boys!

Yay Max!

Pearl said...

Excellent photos, Max! Nothing like an adorable little squishy, soaking wet baby in the bathtub to brighten my day. With all that hair, you should do commercials for baby shampoo.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Great photos! Pretty great seat too. Max, you are adorable and I'm glad you had a good "big boy" bath.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

oh my little guy is growing up..I bet mommy was in tears when she took the pictures today..Yahoo are doing so great!!

Amy I love ya Girl..
Keeping ya in my prayers.

Kim M. said...

Amy, You post so often I check every day for something new. Its soooo great. I have that same seat for Kate, it was a life saver. I still use it. you will get great use out of it for a while. Continue to have great days and weeks with Max, they will turn into happy years.
Take care, Kim mom to Kate(27mon)(CHaRGEr)

Mary Karr said...

Sweet, beautiful Maxwell. Thank Mommy so much for sending more pictures of you today. It made my day to see you doing so well. You are the most kissable guy ever.

elle said...

cute even in water