Thursday, August 10, 2006


Mom's camera is distracting me from posting...

I got to stay focused. I have lots of updates. Let's see, what should I tell my fan club about today??? Hmm...should I talk about my achievements or simply focus on how absolutely delicious I am?

I'm kinda sad. All this fingers are tired. And yet there is sooo much more I could say about myself!


Drew said...

Max! Where's your post?? That picture of you looking at the screen is too cute.


Mary Karr said...

Dear Maxwell - I was so excited when I saw Mommy had sent more pictures! You are doing great - improving every day. And, when I thought you could be no cuter here comes the picture of you at the computer - how could I ever choose a favorite picture of you? I want so much to kiss your chubby cheeks and to hold you again.
We love you, Maxwell.

Anonymous said...

I just about lost it (crying) see you pictured at the computer seriously contemplating your next post kiddo.

Your mommy definately knows how to capture the moment with you.

Love you and so proud of you


elle said...

way to cute dotn check for two days and theres mroe pics LOL see what hapepns when peopel come over max you naughty boy you get cuter and i dotn get to look at you LOL