Monday, October 16, 2006


Mommy's cousin, "Physical Therapist Extraordinaire" Kristen, is simply wonderful. Look at this fun gadget she has! (ha ha) All the buttons and lights...I could really have fun!

Mommy and Kristen were discussing different toys and therapy devices (bars, swings, mirrors, boards) we could install in the house to help with my progress. So they were looking things up on the internet. Thanks Kristen for such great ideas...we are going shopping TODAY! :)

Have to fit it into my busy schedule though - I have my therapy playgroup this morning and two other therapy appointments too! Yikes, I am a busy, busy man!

Oh and Mommy wants everyone to notice how strong and absolutely beautiful I look with my head so high! She's just a wee bit proud of my newly developed strength! :) GO ME GO!


Ruthie said...

Sounds like alot of fun is on the way for Max. He is certainly impressive with all his new accomplishments! Way to go Max! You are truly wonderful!
Take care-

Anonymous said...

Max a Million don't you ever stop. You continue to knock my socks off..And one of these days on a weekend when you aren't so busy in the future you and I need to pencil a date ok little guy?
Love to you and your mommy..
PS tell your mommy the big day is this Friday..and if your good I'll put frosting on your nose..
love you tons kiddo

carolyn said...

MIGHTY MAX you keep holding that head up high. Sooooo proud of you.

WOW, all the new things you are going to get. You won't know what to try-out first. Just think Max, more accomplishments.

Max, you have stole my heart again and again.

Love & Prayers,

Mary Karr said...

Maxwell has developed so much strength in his head and shoulders. Amazing. Now, Amy, don't let a doctor or nurse get you upset any more about Maxwell's accomplishments. Maxwell does his on thing on his own time frame. You both do a great job.


elle said...

lol your gonan b liek me with the comp watch out amy

kathryn biel said...

How lucky you are to have your own personal PT-extrordinare in your family! Too bad she lives in Alaska, but I guess its not that far from WA. Max looks wonderful and I love all the progress. Pat yourselves (both of you) on the back for all the great work. Can't wait for the walking to start!