Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This time of year brings back many emotional memories from 2005. October and November were two very difficult put it mildly.

Maxwell endured his Gtube and Nissen surgery and experienced multiple complications afterwards. Then once he stabilized and returned to the general floor, he started to crash and was intubated for the next two long months.

I remember clearly some moments when we were just not sure he was going to make it in the long run. (I never wanted to admit that at the time, but looking back I was probably in a little denial...ok a lot. Or perhaps it was just good ol' Mommy intuition?) I also was constantly worried about his quality of life...would he ever smile, would he ever play, would he ever know who I am? I didn't want to keep him alive just to have him alive. And at times, it was feeling that way.

Now it is so incredibly strange to think of Maxwell not being here with us. I simply cannot imagine a life without my beautiful, amazing little man.

And he certainly has far surpassed everyone's expectations on his development!!! I know that we are still very behind, but man oh man is he trying hard every day to reach his goals! His determination is remarkable! And smiles, playing, and loving? It's now an every day thing!

For a snapshot of what life was like for Maxwell a year ago, here is a link:


Traci said...

Wow, Amy! It really puts things in perspective when you post a blog from a year ago. What a miracle this little peanut is. Thanks for taking us all along on the journey!!!


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Amazing what a year can bring and it totally gives new perspective.

Max is truly a gift and boy, having him around certainly makes things interesting. This boy has certainly kept you on your toes!

Love you two!


elle said...

wow hes come a long way love u

carolyn said...

You've come a long way BABY!! You are one MIGHTY MAX and still showing everyone just how MIGHTY you are. Max, keep up the good work, with you and Mommy as a team, the sky's the limit.
Love & Prayers,

Momof2 said...

Amy, this is a testament to not only how motivated Max is, but what a wonderful and dedicated mother YOU are. It takes a motivated parent to really make a special needs/developmentally delayed child shine. All your hard work over the past year is paying off big time! So, a huge congrats to Max and for Mommy as well!

Anonymous said...

We wouldn't expect anything else than the very best for Maxwell. That's what his mother, family, friends, support have given him the very best. This child has the a THRIVING FUTURE!!

Congrats Mighty Monkey Max..GO the distance for mommy..Show her what we've been telling her all the way along.

MarkCoyle said...

This time next year, your legal troubles will be over and you will FINALLY be getting the support you need for you and Maxwell. Think about that too!

Moriah (zandysmom) said...

Amy, I so often have these very same thoughts. Alex had all of those touch & go times when we worried so much about the things he would never do. Now 8 years have gone by & this boy, while still with his challenges is seriously the most precious person I will ever touch (well unless I ever get to give Mr Max a hug LOL). It's good to look back, it makes me appreciate even more where we are today.

Max is an amazing boy who will bring you so much joy in the future that even when he's being the brattiest boy ever (and he will be, don't you worry I'm sure Alex will send him the instructions) you will look at him & be so thankful for who he is.

CrystalandEva said...

It is so true and what a difference a year makes. I remember last year when Eva was born also the most exciting, lovely, and heartbreaking time of my life. My husband and I look at her and we say we would never change anything in the world. She is the best and the sweetiest little girl I ever met (and I am not just saying that because she is mine...LOL) I think all our CHARGErs are great and come a long way. I love that I have found all of you and the CHARGE group.
Hugs to you and Max,
Crystal (wiping a tear from my eye) and Eva

Steph said...

It really is amazing to think about all that you and Max have accomplished together in the last year...W-O-W. Sooo exciting to think about all of the progress he's made and all of the progress that awaits him! With his Momma by his side, so much is possible.