Monday, October 16, 2006


YAY! I am so excited! We just finished our Speech Therapy appointment and Mighty Max TOTALLY knows his momma! It is sooooo cute! Kim, our therapist, will ask Max "Where's Momma" and he will then look for me. We have practiced with me being in various places and he always looks for me. He has done this a few times before but today it was 100% each time.

Wow, this kiddo really knows how to warm my heart! Thanks Mighty Max! :)


Ruthie said...

That is wonderful. But really, none of us had any doubts that that kiddo knew exactly who you were! You are an amazing mommy, so ofcourse he is going to make sure he keeps a hold of you!

Mary Karr said...

Amy, I agree with Ruthie completely. In June when I saw Maxwell he knew that you were his mommy. Whenever you would be out of his sight, we would look for you. I think he also knew his papa. When your dad would be where Maxwell could see him, Max watched everything your dad did.

Everytime George hears me talking with someone about Maxwell, he always mentions what a wonderful mother you are. The two of you are great together. Everyone who sees you knows that.

Love you both,

carolyn said...

Amy, I agree with Ruthie too. I have felt all along that Max knows who his mommy is. The two of you are a "special team" and bring out the best in each other. Max is one wonderful kiddo and you are an incredible mommy.
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

My dear Amy,
From my emails to these comments I will now say this pubicly. I truely believe what I was told by my Bishop. When on the otherside of the veil we choose our parents, and choose our lifes lessons. Maxwell could not have chosen a better Mommy, and knows his Mommy will meet every need and demand that arises for him. You are the glove that fits on his hand.
Love to you

elle said...

cool hes just toooo cute

Drew said...


That must have been such a great and special feeling for Max to know who you were 100% of the time! Not that I had any doubt that he's known who you were for a long, long time. That acknowledgement, however, must be such a great feeling! Yay Max.