Saturday, October 21, 2006


Here are some recent photos of two of my best buddies...Barney and Shakespeare. They are super cute and Mommy just adores them both! She is excited for me to play with them when I get big and strong.

For the most part, Barney doesn't pay too much attention to me right now. He is too busy chasing squirrels outside.

But Shakespeare is another story! :) He loves to be with me and Mommy all the time...always kissing us and trying to steal Mommy's attention away from me. And of course, he LOVES when I have visitors so he can get love from them too! He is one silly dog!

If only I could train him to hide my hearing aid for me! (Oh yea, Mommy found my hearing aid...yay for her, nay for me. She was super excited, but I am determined to not wear it and adamantly pull it out every few minutes.)

Mom was trying to feed me but Barney decided he wanted a little Mommy lovin' too! :)

And here is that silly "always by my side, always kissing me" dog Shakespeare!


elle said...

love them pics

Ruthie said...

All along people probably thought you had only one baby! Silly people! You definitely have 3!!!

Drew said...


I love seeing you with your buddies! Shakespeare is a sweetheart and Barney will come around. He's a good boy...he's just used to having your Momma all to himself!