Thursday, November 16, 2006


I have a few quick stories to share that are quite funny...enjoy! :)

Social Butterfly
Max and I went to Lowe's yesterday and had such a great time. He LOVES lights so he stared at the ceiling for the most part. :) We also played peek a boo in the's amazing the therapy and games you can do even when shopping!

When we were in the checkout line, a woman waved to Maxwell and HE WAVED RIGHT BACK!!! Sooooo cool! I of course squealed with delight, which caused some attention and then everyone started waving at our own lil' social butterfly. It was wonderful!

"Please stop giggling Maxwell, your stomach contents are spilling out..."
Yep, that is just not something I ever thought I would be saying to my son! He loves, loves, loves to play with his Gtube and I always have to keep a close eye on it. Even when he is dressed, he loves to twirl it and pull on it. Between that and his hearing aide, he sure keeps me busy keeping all of his "attachments" in the right place! :)

So the other day his tube was getting kind of loose and he managed to pull it out once. I fixed it (temporarily) and then after his bath, I am changing him and he pulls it out again. Well he and I have a tickling game during diaper changes and after his bath, and he thought that is what I was doing when I tried to put the tube back in. He just kept giggling and giggling and I could not get it back in. It was a little frustrating but VERY funny at the same time! Would have been great to have on video...the life of a Gtube kiddo! :) I love how happy he is...that is what is most important to me. He definitely is one happy...and tricky...lil' boy!

"Nope, that's my son's EKG"
So I was referred to a pulmonogist earlier this week who wants me to have a series of heart and lung tests. In addition to my breathing, they are noticing some odd beat patterns and slow rhythm with my heart. (I am not too worried, I know it is the stress causing these problems but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.)

She was reviewing my EKG and said she was concerned with my bradycardia. Of course, I immediately assumed she was looking at the wrong chart (even though this is a completely different hospital and doctor!) and said, "Oh no, I'm sorry...that's my son's EKG you are looking at. He is the one with the bradycardia issues." She looked at me like I was crazy (she isn't aware of Maxwell's medical status) and said no, your name is right here on the EKG. And for those of you who know my fiesty spirit, I of course continued to disagree with her and declare that was Max's EKG and they probably just have my name on it because I am his mother. It was quite the moment. :)

Like dog, like son, like mother...
My sweet dog Lucy had to wear halter monitors to check her heart status many times. Maxwell has endured countless monitor sessions...and now guess what? Mommy's turn! Yep, next week I have to do the silly ol' test to see what is going on with my heart and breathing. I couldn't help but chuckle when they ordered that test.

Better run...gotta start packing up all of Max's equipment for our trip to Seattle. I'm sure we will have many more funny stories after the next few days. :)


Anonymous said...

Well you can honestly say never a dull moment at your home huh Max and Amy..

Sending prayers your way and much love to you..

elle said...

pls update us on how ur going LOL its funny u say no thats max

Anonymous said...

Amy....I have just discovered your and Max's site. What a precious man you have and what a great, awesome......are there words to explain you???....mother you are! I am praying for you daily for your continued strength:)PS: Hes so cute!!!! I cant stop looking at him!
-Shannon Best - Austin TX

CrystalandEva said...

Wow those are some great stories!! I hope everything is ok with you Amy, we want you to be a healthy mama for Max.
Good luck and I hope the sleepstudy went well!