Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Two more CHARGErs are having surgeries this week and I ask you to keep them both in your prayers.

Evan is a tough lil' guy who is having his soft cleft palate fixed tomorrow. They are hoping this is his last surgery for awhile.

Meagan is a sweet two year old who had surgery today to receive her cochlear implant. Their family is very excited for her to experience some sound...especially so she can communicate with her twin sister (who is healthy/typical).

Also, Ben is having some difficulties with post surgery (cochear implant) and Maya is in the hospital with some respiratory issues.

And last but not least, Max is almost off his latest round of steroids and antibiotics and feeling much better. YAY! (Hopefully soon his steroid craziness will wear off, but I must say it is quite funny!) We went to the doctor again earlier this week and he felt much more comfortable with Maxwell's respiratory status. Avoided another hospital stay...woo hoo!

Soooo...prayers all around in the CHARGE commujnity. These kiddos certainly keep us on our toes!


elle said...

wow i no theyll all get better lol

carolyn said...

Prayers going out to everyone !!