Friday, November 17, 2006


We left Seattle early this morning (5:30 am) so we were back in Bellingham bright and early. Ok Mom wasn't too "bright", she didn't manage much sleep during my sleep study. (I guess you could say that was my fault, I woke up crying several times...those wires were a little overwhelming and scary.)

The study was very impressive. They study literally EVERYTHING going on...from CO2 and O2 levels to brain patterns and heart rates. Mom is really looking forward to the official report.

The RT said that typically a report isn't ready for a month (several people are involved in the review and orders), but in cases where something might be wrong, you find out sooner. She then said we were in the latter category. Hmm...

We are not overly worried, but sure would like to know what we will do to address my sleep apnea, need for oxygen, etc. Mom will keep you posted.

Lady, what are you doing to me?

Mommy, this really isn't all that fun.

Don't make fun of my wire ponytail.

With lots of Mommy cuddling (and some Grey's Anatomy viewing!), I finally managed to fall asleep...wires and all.

The morning after...


Anonymous said...

Max you and mommy are one in a million.

You are just a brave soldier in this battle of life. I'm so proud of you!!

elle said...

you r just to cute love u xxxxxxxxx

CrystalandEva said...

You look so cute all hooked up!! Eva had 2 sleep studies and I am sure we will have anther in a few months. We see the pulmologiest in a couple of weeks. Don't you hate the smell of the glue and the remover, that alone would not let me sleep.
Crystal and Eva

Mary Karr said...

Maxwell, I hate seeing your precious face unhappy. I see a little tooth! How many do you have now? I agree with you that Mommy hugging is the best medicine in the world. I also know that for your Mommy the best medicine is Maxwell cuddling. Hope you get great test results.

I love you!

Anara said...

Even with the funky head gear and wires you are still the most beautiful boy in the hole world....

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart Maxwell.

Hope you find the answers you are looking for Amy.

Love Jennifer and Cedie