Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Unfortunately Max's day did not improve. He spiked yet another fever of 103 and was very much in discomfort. The doctors are quite confused on what is going on and how to treat my lil' guy. Because of the repeat high fever, they had to do another spinal tap today and it took four tries this time. Additionally his IV went bad and they had to start another one in his scalp. So far tests show no infection, which is great...but then confuses the doctors even further.

On a personal note, my foot/ankle continued to get worse throughout the day so we went to the doctor who thought it was broken. So the gang (Eliz and her two kids) and I then went to the hospital for the Xray. On a funny note, Jackson lost it when we started to leave because he wanted to go to yet another hospital! He is starting to learn that hospitals can be fun (when you are not a patient) because of all the toys. He loves to visit Max because of the huge playroom at Children's! Fortunately the initial reading indicates nothing broken but they are having a radiologist review in the morning. Felt like Maxwell getting my Xray...he's had one a day for the past week because of his feeding tube moving...yikes! He is such a trooper.

So tomorrow Eliz and the gang and I are heading to Children's to spend the day with Maxwell. I can't get around very easily by myself so this will make the trip much easier.

Off to make my hourly check in call with Max's nurse...hopefully there is better news this time.


Drew said...

Hey Amy,

I hope your ankle is feeling better today. At the very least, I'm glad it's allowing you to spend sometime with Eliz and the boys. If you are feeling down, just have Jackson tell you another knock-knock joke!

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Please let us know when the docs figure out what's causing Max's fever.

Take care of yourself!!

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Hey there,

I still can't believe you hurt your ankle! I thought maybe you could use a really cheesy joke...

Doctor: Nurse, how is that little girl who swallowed ten quarters last night?

Nurse: No change yet.

I know, I's bad. I'm not the funny one though. If Drew sent it, you'd laugh!

Hope your ankle feels better soon...take it easy, k? And I'm so sorry you have to play the waiting game right now to figure out what's causing Max's fever. Send him our love...he's a fighter just like his mama!


Suehaddad said...

Hey Amy and Baby Max…
I tune in daily for updates on you two! What a great way to keep all your fans informed. Max, you should know your picture is with me all day as I work. You’ve been introduced to many friends and acquaintances here in Wheeling! It’s not likely I’ll get west any time soon but I so look forward a formal introduction when your mama comes back home!
When I’m not using the internet to learn how things are progressing for you I give your Granddaddy a call. Actually your mama might smile a bit when I tell her I last spoke with him Tuesday evening. I was walking home form my building when I noticed your Granddad still at his desk. Using my cell phone I gave him a call. Half way through our conversation I informed him that if he turned his chair around he’d see I was standing on the corner outside his window! I got a big wave and a laugh. He told me he got to visit with you this past weekend and sounded so very proud. We cut our chat short as I was running out of daylight and he thought I should move along before I got picked up! (You’ll learn about these things when you’re a bit older.)
Max, I hope your mama sings to you. My singing always seemed to calm my colicy guy. He never seemed to mind I wasn’t singing the right words. “We 3 Kings of Orient are. Trying to smoke a loaded cigar.” Over and over and over again.
Take care kids. We’re rooting for you. Love, Suehaddad

Michelle Martin said...

Amy, Max, hope things ar looking up.....