Sunday, September 04, 2005


Max is feeling a lot better! Woo hoo! Last week was a "doozy," and I am relieved to see him back to himself again. Today he is bright eyed and alert and loved spending time with his grandparents who were in town from WV.

Max is really making progress...and there actually is talk about him coming home before heart surgery. He would require in home nursing care and a lot of medical equipment of course, but still to have him home would be fabulous! The docs are very impressed with his weight gain...he is now 6 pounds, 10 ounces!!! That is great news considering all the work he does to breathe.

Keep up the great work Max, and before you know it, you will be getting lots and lots of doggy kisses from Barney and Shakespeare! :) That will be one terrific day!


Mary Karr said...

Wonderful, wonferful news. Many prayers have been answered! Max, you are getting to be a chubby little boy:-)

Love, Mary Karr

Zach and Mel said...

That is such awesome news! Congrats to you Max for your weight gain!!!! Yay!!!! Love u guys!
Mel and Zach

tessa said...

Yeah maxell! it is so great to hear that you are getting so big!good news that you are feeling better, keep up all the hard work. can't wait until you get to come home! thinking about you always
much love