Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Apparently Max has confused morning and night! He slept all day yesterday, which was wonderful since he needed to catch up on his sleep from being so sick. However, he stayed up all night and therefore Mom didn't sleep a wink either. Yikes! He wasn't sick this time...just being a baby I think.

Today we got another roommate, so we'll see how tonight is. I am HOPING for at least a few hours of shuteye!!!

Gave Max a bath today...a little hard with his IV and oxygen, but he does always enjoy the water. He is now sleeping very comfortably. He also enjoyed his swing for several hours today...hopefully that wore him out for tonight!

Started to head home tonight because I have an early morning appointment in Bellingham, but I missed him within minutes of leaving the hospital. So I turned around and came back. He is addictive! :)


Madeline said...

Hi Amy,

Your baby is beautiful, and the picture of the two of you in bed together is precious.
What a lucky little boy to have you for his "Mommy". My thoughts will be with you
everyday, as you help Maxwell get bigger and stronger.

Love, Madeline (Steph and Drew's Cousin)

ethan said...


Reading about your triumphs and trials tonight has been inspiring. No one who knows you has any doubt that you and your son will persevere. His eyes show that he has your internal strength and character. Take care of eachother and maintain your faith.


Zach and Mel said...

Amy, that is so precious how you turned around to go back to be with him. You are such a wonderful Mommy. Keep your chin up...
Love and prayers,
Zach and Mel :)

Erin and Christian said...

Amy, you are doing such a wonderfull job. It is so kind of you to take the time away from your precious baby (and your precious few chances for a little rest) to keep us all up on Maxwell's progress. We are all so anxious for Maxwell to finally come home, it would be so wonderful to have him home in Bellingham before his surgery. As always, we will keep you both in our prayers.
Love, Erin and Christian

Steph said...

How are you both doing today? Hoping you've had a bit of sleep...you need another Chrysalis visit!