Monday, October 03, 2005


Mr. Max had his echocardiogram earlier today and results will be available hopefully tomorrow morning. Additionally cardiology put an EKG (heart monitor) on him for the next 24 hours...LOTS of wires all over his lil' chest. There is concern over what caused the episodes last night and they are also wanting to determine the status of the VSD and the date of the repair.

On another note, Max was doing so great with his weight gain until this past week. He actually was up to almost 8 1/2 pounds!!! Chunka chunka! However, this past week he actually lost weight and that certainly isn't good. We are hoping it was because of his surgery and being off his "liquid gold" for different periods, but if it continues this week, this is a sign of his breathing and heart condition worsening.

OT visited him today and she was very impressed with his binky sucking. I have really been working on this and he is getting better and better...we are doing everything to prevent the infamous "oral aversion." Hopefully soon he will get the G-Tube and get rid of his oral feeding tube. This will be soooo much more comfortable for him. It actually came out AGAIN this afternoon (this time due to a coughing episode)...and he does NOT like it when the nurse puts it back in.

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Steph said...

Way to go on the binky sucking Amy and Max! And 8 1/2 pounds is incredible...I can't even imagine him that size!

Thinking of you guys are hoping that the weight loss turns back to weight gain this week.

Sending you both big hugs and kisses, with wishes of renewed strength each day...Steph