Sunday, October 02, 2005


I am home tonight to go through my mail, pay bills, etc....all the stuff that gets neglected while I am at the hospital. As always, I received about ten bills (just for this week) for Maxwell. It is always "entertaining" to review his medical bills. At the end of each, it always states how much he has accumulated in total costs in comparison to his lifetime medical "allowance"...and wow, the latest number was slightly shocking. No one has guessed it correctly much do you think his medical bill is thus far? (This doesn't include the month on bed rest at the hospital.)


Anara said...

I bet it feels funny to be home. I hope Max's nose if staying open for him. I hate to try to guess the amount but I'll take a stab at it. $800,000.00 My thoughts are always with you and Max and my prayers. Love you two. Anara

Ruthie said...

You know I think that he's a "million dollar" baby in more ways than one! But for your sake I hope that it is just the one way. Love ya'!

Steph said...

Hey Amy,


Worth all the money in the world.

Love you,