Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We are now in Hour 15 of Max's misery. He started crying last night at 8:30 p.m. and hasn't stopped. He has somewhat slowed down this past hour, but still is quite agitated. He has had FOUR doses of Ativin, one of morphine and one of Fentinel (sp?) and has virtually been unresponsive to any of these drugs. Hopefully the latter of the drugs is kicking in as we speak...and I just asked for another dose of Ativin as well. Usually one dose of sedation calms him down quickly. That is what is really odd about what is going on...this is completely different than the usual Mr. Max.

We were very hopeful the sedation would help because his heart and lungs were/are taking a beating with his agitation. His heart rate was in the 220s and 230s for most of the night...and his respiratory was reaching 180. This of course caused quite alarm within the team. Additionally, he had a fever throughout this at 104. This morning they started an IV because he was so dehydrated and they performed a series of tests. So far nothing out of the ordinary.

Our regular medical team brought down docs from the ICU to get involved last night...and they too are stumped. They are making plans right now to transfer him up to the ICU for more intense care...and in case they need to offer heavier sedation.

As you can imagine, this is absolutely killing me. Not sure if there is much worse than hearing your baby cry so miserably...it's the most helpless feeling. I am taking a five minute break right now because I am about to lose my mind...got coffee and am now writing to all of you to ask for warm thoughts and prayers of peace and comfort for my sweet lil' man who is really struggling.

During all of this he is hooked up to a million and one wires because they are doing an EKG (heart monitor) on him for 24 hours, so it is difficult to move him around very much. The only comfort he is finding is sucking on my pinky finger, having his bum patted, and a cool towel on his sweet lil' head. Even with that he is still quite agitated, but it seems to calm him down slightly.

Max really, really, really needs some good thoughts sent his way right now...thank you in advance for sending extra warm wishes today. We need them desperately.


Ruthie said...

Amy not only will I be praying for strength for you and Max but for the doctors also to make wise decisions concerning his care. My love goes out to you both.

KrisitCarter said...

Amy, I think about you and Max often. I am sending lots of warm wishes and lots of prayers your way. xoxo, KC

Sara B said...

Hey Lady-
Sending you and Mr. Max hugs and prayers and every warm thought out there.
Sara Blair

Kirstin said...

Amy - my thoughts are with you both. I am sending you my warm prayers and tons of love! xoxox - Kirstin

rebecca said...

I will be saying extra prayers today and asking everyone I know to have special thoughts for Maxwell and you. I can't imagine what you are going through but I had a small taste of a crying baby when Griffin was an infant. It is the worst feeling in the world. Take the breaks when you can get them, they will keep you sane. I pray for good news soon.


tessa said...

amy and beautiful maxwell...

tessa said...
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Steph said...

My thoughts are with you and baby Max, Amy. I love you both so much. Wish there was something tangible we could all do...know that we're all praying for good things to come.


tessa said...

I am sending constant prayers your way...not to mention all the love i have to give! you are amazing amy...hugs to the both of you...
much love

Kerry said...

Amy - I'm sending prayers for both you and Max. I'm so sorry he is having such a rough time.

Sean and Renee said...

Amy, may God reach down and give you and Maxwell big hugs for all that you both are going through. I can only imagine how challenging these last few days have been. We send our love and prayers to you daily.
Love, The Harts

Meredith said...

Amy -
We are sending all our love to you and Max. Please know that we are always thinking of you and wishing the best for your precious angel.

Meredith, David, and Davey

alisen barlean said...

Amy & Max,

I have been thinking about you a lot lately...especially today. You are strongly in my prayers. Just keep staying strong Amy...you are amazing. Max is such a tough guy, he has learned amazing traits from his mommy.
Stay strong, and my prayers are always with the two of you!
Lots of love,

carlytee said...

elke and i are praying for you & Max. lots of love,

Anara said...

My prayer for Max.

Heavenly Father we pray
That on this very day
You give peace and love
To Max from above

Help his tiny body heal
So some comfort he can feel
His sweet little soul
In your loving arms you hold

So we ask with pure faith
That his pain you will take
Giving his Mommy the chance
To hold Max close and dance

I love you two and look forward to being able to hold Max one day.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...


We are praying extra hard.

Kristy, Ray and Dylan