Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The past two days have been...well, quite honestly, I cannot think of an appropriate word. Perhaps terrifying, nervewracking, numbing...those are a few that come to mind.

Max finally became calm after more sedation yesterday around noon. It had been over 15 hours of horrible agitation. Since then he has been EXTREMELY calm...sleeping for the past 24 hours, which has additionally worried the doctors. He has had multiple blood draws, which show no infection as of yet. But they are definitely worried about this and have more draws scheduled throughout today. According to his chest xrays and other indicators, he definitely does have pneumonia and they say we can expect him to get worse before he gets better. As far as his heart, which has also been an issue this week, he had several EKGs yesterday because his heart rate was very low for him (70s - 90s all day) and his bradychardia was certainly worrisome.

They are going to run some more tests today, including a CT scan and an LP (spinal tap). The scan is worrisome but I am trying to remain optimistic, I really don't think we will find anything wrong there. But what they are questioning is, is there a blood issue in the brain, is there a chance of a stroke...all which are very serious of course, but my gut tells me that is not what it is. They are considering these options because of the sporadic temperature changes (he went from very high to now quite low) and the abnormal heart rate and his overall presence.

I'll be honest, he just doesn't look very all. As we discussed in rounds this morning, it's quite simple...he doesn't look like himself. This is not the usual Maxwell. And that is the biggest indicator that something is wrong.

We have a care conference scheduled for this afternoon. I'll keep you posted...and your assignment is to keeping sending prayers and warm thoughts his way.


rebecca said...

I will get on my assignment right now and send you guys tons and tons of prayers and good thoughts. Thanks you for taking the time to keep us up to date. Wish I could give these to you in person, here are a bunch of hugs and kisses!!!!!!!!!!


Mary Karr said...
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Mary Karr said...

Thank you for taking time to post an update. My friends and I lighted candles at church for both of you last night before Red Mass.

I am sure Maxwell needs sleep. What a tough little guy to endure such vast changes. Hope you are getting some rest too. You must be exhausted.

May your faith and the love and prayers of your family and friends be a comfort to you.

Love to both of you,


Sean and Renee said...

Thanks for the update Amy...Max's blog is one of my daily reads and I am glad to hear that he is finally getting some much needed rest. I hope and pray all of his tests provide direction and a solution.
Love and Prayers,

Ruthie said...

Amy you and Max are at the front of my mind and the middle of my heart. Sending you my love and deepest faith.

tessa said...

Amy ....sending prayers always....glad that max is calmed down...thanks for the updates...i am thinking of both of you all the time and sending you strength along with hugs!
much love

Anara said...

I am praying with all my heart that Max gets rest and peace. He needs the time to heal and get his strength back. I am glad you are able to write each day and let us know how Max is doing, it makes me feel a little closer to him. Big hugs and kiss from Auntie Anara, I love you two!


alisen barlean said...


I cannot even begin to imagine the feelings that go through your head and body. All I can say is keep as positive as you always have is amazing what a positive attitude and prayer can do for healing. I thank you for always keeping us so well posted (I come home from work and the first thing I check on the web is your updates).
Stay amazing and kiss that beautiful little boy as much as you I'm sure you already do!
Lots of love and prayers,

Zach and Mel said...

I am sending you guys all my love and prayers. I pray that God will continue to watch over you, and to give you peace. Please keep your chin up. I love you guys. :o)

Steph said...

Hey Amy,

Wow honey...that's quite a roller coaster ride you and Max continue to have. We're all praying that the ride levels out soon, with good times ahead.

Sending lots of love to you both. Stay strong and have faith.


Kirstin said...

My dear friend - my thoughts are with you and Max. Stay strong and have faith. He WILL get better.
Hugs and kisses ;o)