Sunday, October 02, 2005


For inspiration and renewal of my hope and faith, I visit the church chapel several times a week...sometimes a few visits a day. It's a quiet getaway where I can just think about all that is happening and how Max and I are going to get through it.

There is a large book that families can write their prayers in and I always include a few words of praise for God and some prayers for sweet lil' Maxwell. One such day I was writing and thinking of Max and how unfair this all is to him...WHY did he get a "shell" with so many issues? (I differentiate his "shell" from his spirit, which allows me to be frustrated with CHARGE but not with his wonderful being.) I was writing a prayer on the right side of the book, and I happened to glance over at the left and there was a note that caught my attention...and definitely made an impact.

It read: "I love you Jesus. Thank you for all that you have blessed me with. Love, Max."

Wow, just writing those words still grab my heart as it did a few days ago. Most prayers in the book are long and wordy, but not this one. And none had the impact of these precious few words.


Nancy F. said...

Wow! Reading that part about the written prayer by Max gave me goosebumps. Isn't that a miracle!
God sends us His strength in various ways and in different containers.

My love to both of you,
Nancy F.

rebecca said...

Tears came to my eyes as I read what Max had wrote to God. Signs are all around us we just have to look. I hope that brought you some strength.


Steph said...

Amy -- that gave me the chills. What a great sign to carry with you.

xoxo Steph

Anara said...

That's so wonderful!!!! it has such special meaning. I think all the prayer's and love is really helping Max.
Love you two. Anara