Monday, November 14, 2005


Unfortunately I don't have good news about the weekend situation. We were HOPING that it was just a crazy "Maxwell spell," and he would be feeling better and we could move forward with the surgery in a few days. However, his blood test indeed came back positive, which is the reason for his high fever that continued on throughout yesterday and today. It did subside finally in the past hour and hopefully it will remain normal with this afternoon's addition of a powerful antibiotic. A blood infection is not a good thing with such a little "teetering" boy, but as we all say, he is quite a fighter and I am confident he will prevail once again.

His central line is being removed tonight and will be tested to determine if that is the cause of infection. He had a new IV placed today and will get a PIC line tomorrow morning. His respiratory rate is so sporadic...sometimes it is relatively "normal" and then other times it is over 120.

Because of the infection, his heart surgery will not happen for at least a week...probably two weeks. Of course we are heartbroken about this...we were so eager to get his heart fixed so that we could make good progress and start thinking about heading home. Max is almost five months old and has yet to see a day outside of the hospital. Unbelievable.

Sorry I haven't posted much recently...the last few weeks have been numbing. Thank you as always though for your loving emails and phone calls.

My mom, Mary, took this adorable photo of sweet Max during her visit last week. We loved having her here, and the nurses enjoyed the extra help of another ICU nurse! Even when Max isn't feeling well, he is still amazingly gorgeous!

And a special thanks to Erin for the shirt he has on (hard to see). It reads: "I'm a miracle baby" (front) and "Please handle with care" (back). How perfect! And Anara, that's the praying bear helping hold up Max's breathing tube! He never leaves Max's side!


Wick said...

Maxwell is calling the shots. Sounds like he wants a little more time before the heart surgery. He and you know better than anyone. The weight gain sounds terrific. Keep it up.

Chris said...


I heard about Max several months ago, but didn't know how to get in touch with you. Mark Coyle told me about this site. I just wanted to let you know you and Max are in my prayers. I can only say, that you -- as the only person I know who ever had a 3 legged dog -- have such a big heart, and that your son couldn't possibly have a better mom to love him and take care of him. Our thoughts are with you in hoping for Max's better health and that he gets to come home soon!

Chris Ingram