Thursday, November 17, 2005


Several of you have told me that your children pray for Maxwell every night...which I love!!! Thank you for keeping my lil' guy in your daily thoughts...greatly appreciated! One particular story truly touched my heart....from the family of a fellow "CHARGEr." Thought some of you would enjoy it too!

"My girls continue to lay hands on his picture every night and pray for him. One night they were getting to bed WAY late and we forgot to grab his picture. They were freaking out when we started tucking them in because we had forgot. So, they got out of bed and said their prayer, and then hugged and kissed the picture. Cassidy is very possessive of the picture. She gives it a hug and kiss, then she passes it around, while still holding it herself, to make everyone else have a turn, then she does it again. She has to be the one to put the picture away too. It's a very sweet process we go through every night."

How sweet is that story? It brought tears to my eyes. The mom and I met one day in the hospital while her daughter was undergoing heart surgery and we have become fast friends. I can't wait until Maxwell can play with her two beautiful, charming girls!

The special needs community, especially fellow CHARGE families, have been so amazing! No one can truly understand the hospital and special needs experience like another parent...the bond is incredible. And since I am the only parent walking this journey with Maxwell, it is so helpful to have others to lean on. It really does take a parent who has "walked the walk" to truly get where you are coming is so difficult to imagine the pain, sadness and confusion without having experienced it yourself.

From offering to sit with me in the hospital, arrange special services and do our laundry to bringing dinner for me and presents for Maxwell, these families have gone above and beyond. Here they are with their own special needs child and busy, demanding lives, yet they make the time to reach out to a complete stranger and offer kindness. Incredible! Thank you everyone!!! You have helped me more than you will ever know. I have always known that there are wonderful people in the world...but I know now that times a million! Max has quite a fan club! And now the club is international, how fun is that!?! I am on a listserv for CHARGE families and there are families in London, Australia, New Zealand...and the list goes on and on....praying for sweet Max! We love you Maxwell!

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