Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well perhaps Mr. Maxwell is trying to tell us something...once again his surgery is going to be postponed.

He spiked a high fever in the middle of the night and continues to have a fever today. Additionally, his respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure are higher than usual. He has received a lot of sedation and drugs to calm him down and bring down his temperature. Many tests, as usual, have been conducted and we will have some results in the morning. However, we cannot imagine the surgeons are going to feel comfortable taking Max in this state. So here we go again...

Hopefully nothing is seriously wrong and he will feel better soon. And hopefully we can finally have the surgery in a few days. Oh Mr. keep everyone guessing, don't you!?!?

By the way, Max is now weighing in at just under 10 POUNDS!!! He is getting sooo big! At least, he is using this extra time to grow and get stronger.

Hopefully I will have promising news to report in the morning.


Anara said...

10 lbs. way to go Max, you knew all that it would take is a little down time.... Now you have to work on letting the doctor's operate so you can go home with Mommy. I am really gald to hear that your growning bigger... keep up the good work. I love you two!!!

rebecca said...

Way to go Max, 10 lbs, I am very imprested! Hope your fever comes down soon so the doctors can fix your heart. I will be sending happy, happy thoughts to you.


Heather said...

Max you little stinker! We want your heart better so you can come home!
Your mom must be feeding you liquid gold for you to hit 10 pounds, good boy!
Hang in there Amy!