Thursday, November 17, 2005


Wow, what a difference a few days makes! Maxwell is doing soooo much better! The second ECHO determined that there was not an infection within in his heart...YEA! That was major, major news! That could have been really bad. Additionally, his latest blood draw was negative for infection so the antibiotics are working. Again, what a difference in just a few days!!! We were all so scared earlier this week but I am now feeling so optimistic and faithful. Feels so good to have such positive energy again!

AND...drum roll please...the surgery has been rescheduled. The staff and I are joking that we shouldn't tell Maxwell because he might try and delay it again! So it's hush hush in his room. We are back on the cardiac schedule for THIS Tuesday. One of my favorite docs (there are some truly amazing doctors who are so great to work with!!!) was in today and he was saying how we should start hosing down everyone with Purell as they enter Max's room or maybe put a big bubble around his bed. We cannot afford another setback!

Earlier today I was incredibly disappointed because we thought it might be two more weeks until the surgery and they changed their mind about extabation and wanted to hold off so he could focus on getting stronger. I had been so hopeful Max would be back to himself and we could return to play time and snuggling...well as much as you can do in the ICU! But hopefully we will still be able to arrange some of that for later today.

So that's the news for today...wonderful to finally report a promising update! This trend better continue...I have warned Mr. Maxwell that we cannot have any more fevers, infections, colds...anything. We are doing the surgery this time once and for all. Let's see if he will listen to his momma!!! :)


Anara said...

YEA!!!!!! such good news!! Maxwell just needed a little more time to rest. Oh, I am just so happy I don't know what to say (and you know I'm never at a lose for words) I can't wait to call Michael and tell him that Max is doing so much better, he likes being in the loop with our little guy. He sends his Love and Prayers too. Give Max a great big hug and kiss for me and tell him I knew he could do it. I love you two. XOXOXO Anara

Steph said...

Woo-hoo!! Go Max go!

Amazing news Amy...that last post had us freaking out right alongside you. What an incredible fighter he is...please blow him some kisses from us and tell him how much we love him.

Love you too,

alisen barlean said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy to hear that things are on the upswing! Max is such a fighter...nothing will stop that little man! Amy, I have been praying for you and Max everyday and want you to know that my heart is always with you. You are so strong and amazing and little Max wants so badly to come home and meet all his prayer-handlers! Keep up the good work little guy! Take care of yourself more illness for you either!!
All my love and prayers,

Renee said...

Wonderful news!!!!!! We have been checking multiple times a day to see how Max was doing and this just made our day. The third time is the charm they say and I guess Maxwell is now officially ready. We will keep our fingers crossed and keep saying lots of prayers that he stays healthy. Hope you are feeling better also guys are on a roll!
Much Love,